Monday, July 21, 2008

The universe giveth and...

Five big blows on Friday and Saturday, across the board, every area of my life. Should be KO'ed. Somehow I'm still Chumbawumbaing. No one ever said overhauling your life would be easy...but it's necessary to create a joyful, empowered one.

Had an absoltely lovely date provided for me yesterday. Great guy. I feel so appreciative!

Still haven't seen "The Dark Knight". No idea how that is possible...


Freckles said...

Very, very, very, very, very, very happy to hear you had a lovely date :)

Sounds like everything is going well for you.

Is "Chumbawumbaing" a new Lis Fies word invention or is it a new slang?

Love how you coin new words.

Just added you as a Netflix friend. I ordered the Conventioneers and look forward to seeing it.

Regarding movies, I just saw Get Smart with Steve Carrell. Very funny. Will see The Dark Knight when it shows at a theater near me.

Kid Sis said...

Oh gosh, I think it's me being a dork making up new words. In reference to these song lyrics. "I get knocked down. I get up again. Aint' never gonna keep me down."

Thanks for queuing CONVENTIONEERS. It's an extraordinary little movie, hope you love it!

Freckles said...

Coining new words is quite a talent, like playing piano. Love to play with words myself, so I think it is totally cool to make up new words. In school, the English classes discusses puns.

Can I ask what mofo means? A friend said something about mofo and I was too embarrassed to tell him that I had no idea what mofo meant. I thought maybe it was someone in the mafia but I was not sure.

Thanks for the reference to the song lyrics. I'm embarrassed because for some funny reason, I thought it was in reference to Chewabacca from Star Wars!

Decided to try out Netflix. I heard positive and negative things about it. Supposed to get the Conventioneers tomorrow.

No idea why, but when I went to my local video place, they did not have it and did not know where to order a copy. They do not have the Blue Apple film either (a friend made this small indie film about 10 years ago).

Would love to ask you about your experiences working on the Conventioneers. When I looked at the credit list, I noticed that there were several producers, including you. Wonder how the producers work together as a team?

Was at a political convention myself and saw sign language interpreters. They were great. I could share funny stories.

Anonymous said...

EGBOK(Google it)... I assure you Richard Roeper will find another gig. Why didn't your date take you to "Dark Knight"? You deserve it.

Kid Sis said...

Awwww he had a much more amazing day planned than that! ;)

Kid Sis said...

Freckles, no polite way to explain it. MoFo means MotherFucker. Sorry!

Freckles said...

Saw the CONVENTINEERS. Still thinking about the extraordinary film. I was thinking about everything that went into making this film.

The actor, who played the sign language interpreter, articulated his words very well when he spoke. Most of the characters spoke the way many New Yorkers speak.

I don't know if it was Netflix or the distributors, but this DVD had no subtitles. The only time I like sounds in movies is when I go to a movie theater.