Monday, July 07, 2008

Hey now

Didn't mean to catch so many people off guard...the last thing I wanted to do was upset anyone.

But hey, it's me... I'm free as a bird, remember? And um...I think all the talk the last three months about being miserably unhappy here and where should I move to were pretty big hints, right?

Yes, film is my #1 work love, but I can make dissident guerilla films anywhere in the world. Writing is even more inspired when I travel... How much of the world haven't I seen?

And come on now. You know that there is nothing I won't do for partnership and love. THAT'S my number one in life.

It's time. I want someone to be my most special person whom I think of first, and vice versa, and for us to be deliriously happy together.

I'm ready. But I don't see finding that or maintaining that in LA. LA is great for many things, but not love or partnership. It just makes sense for who I am and what I stand for that I'd have to find it abroad, or let abroad get me a step closer.

And I know a spectacular man in Prague whose heart belongs elsewhere unfortunately, but who undoubtedly has wonderful male friends with the same valules, or his woman does, and who knows who THEY know?? It's time to play Six Degrees of Lis's Partner.

Everything else can be done remotely. You guys'll hardly know I'm gone. I might start video blogging. And I've been studying Ferriss's 4 Hour Workweek like mad... I just can't be trapped in bourgeois American problems anymore. Gotta think outside the consumerism box and live life and be happy. Gonna do the things that I wanna do (thanks for my anthem, Weezer!)

But look, who knows, I might haaate it. And then I'll be back.

But no matter what, my life has been shook up and changed and that's great. No more of the bs I've been stuck in. Sorting and giving it all away; the dead family crap and the stuff I bought to insulate myself afterwards. Anything that smacks of a normal life, when we know I wouldn't be happy with a white picket fence and kids.

I'm an EAT PRAY LOVE playful gal, especially with someone I adore to share my life with and stay in bed naked and eat scrumptious French food off of as we giggle and talk and cuddle and tingle and think about heading to a pub or cafe where great friends wait. Just gotta be authentic. Never gonna get there stuck in the American rat race.


Lynda said...

I think it is a good idea. I wish I had the opportunity! Lots of "the greats" traveled and lived abroad.

kristen said...

You're doing the right thing. Now more than ever, an indie filmmaker can makes films wherever she wants. It's bs that you have to stay in L.A., and I agree, L.A. is a very unhealthy place for any person, single or otherwise, to be if she doesn't really want or need to be. Says the woman who is now summering in the Catskills, and feeling totally reinvented.

L.A. is claustrophobic. It's never a bad thing for one's work to experience other priorities in life beyond career ambition.

Kid Sis said...

Thanks Lynda! nice inspiration.

Kristen, yea!! Thanks!!!!

Feeling good...

Anonymous said...

You came to L.A. for a reason, you should have one to leave. That said, you can blog anywhere-a friend had a good time teaching English in Prague...just don't go all that way seeking to fill a void within yourself with that you imagine can be found on the streets of'll just end up turning all the cities you venture towards into Disneyland

Anonymous said...

You are off to many wonderful adventures. We look forward to reading about your life in Prague.

It's great that you know exactly what you want. Living an authentic life is important. In my early 30s, I figured out that the secret to happiness (for me) was living an authentic life. I made a conscious decision to live an authentic life. Since then, I shed the pounds I gained after college, started the process of setting healthy boundaries (saying no), and now I am happier with what I have.

I want partnership and love too. The right guy is out there somewhere. All it takes is one guy.

Did you read a book called "Men Like Women who Like themselves"? I already figured this out before reading the book.

You could take a train trip from Prague to Spain. So much fun!


p.s. are you registered for an absentee ballot so you can vote in the presidential election?

Anonymous said...

Read the Sunday NYT. There was an article about hiking in the Czech Republic.

"Dobry den" Czech translation for "good day"

-from another travelling gal

Anonymous said...

More Czech phrases from

Ahoj! / Čau! / Nazdar! (.wav)
"Ahoj" is the most common informal greeting used between friends. "Čau" is more informal than "Ahoj". "Nazdar" is a less common informal greeting.


Anonymous said...

Correct link: