Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Commune lyrics

Teamed up with my awesomely talented kick-ass punk-rocker friend/sister in the trenches Jenn Oberle to write two songs based on the "Commune" screenplay. We're including them in the film, and Brenda (nurse sis) is convinced we're as good as Oscar-winning "Once". Which is why we love having family members around who support us unconditionally. :)

The first song is "Take This All the Way", music by Jenn Oberle, lyrics by Jenn and me. In the movie there are two acoustic versions, one sung by Jenn and the other a duet with our leads, Dave Lago and Chauntal Lewis.

Take a listen on Jenn's Myspace site. Fourth song down.

The other song is "Walk Away", a very cool Peaches kinda punk song that Jenn sounds amazing on. She wrote the music, and I wrote 98% of the lyrics. I wish you could hear her sing it, she fucking rocks it:

Walk Away
You said “You’ve got to be careful 'cuz
Bad things happen to girls
You say the word and I’ll come rescue you”
But how'm I supposed to save myself?

I told you I don’t give it on the first date
You smiled and said “It’s time for our second date”
But we both know you’ll never call me again
Either choice I make I lose

Don’t need another knight in shining armor
Don’t want to know your name
Just want to feel for once what a guy feels
And then I walk away
And then I walk away

Pretty words from pretty lips
Heartfelt sighs about relationships
But once your hip’s on mine
You’ve already left me far behind


So tired of being so damn prudish
Don’t want to go to bed alone
God give me the Goddamnned courage
To get the fuck away from you once and for all
Never look back
Never look back

And never look back
And never look back


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