Tuesday, July 29, 2008

David Lago lovers

The night the D & E named me Lizzie MicTitties. Bratty little brothers.

I've been asked by a fan club of his to post some photos from THE COMMUNE movie. This should fill you ladies over for a while. More soon!! Please spread the word around about the photos, and his videos on Youtube!

That's me giving Chauntal and Dave a little direction adjustment. Something like "tone the sexual tension down so you don't burst into flames!" hhaaahhahaha.
Hanging out afterwork on the 'mune, all of us learning Chauntal's dance routine. Look at Stuart going for it, and Dave concentrating really hard.

This is how Dave wakes up every morning. Bewildered and Puck-like under a soft tree. Once he remembers which show he's supposed to be doing, he goes to the trailer, and the makeup and hair girls shave off the goatee that grows back every night, file down his goat horns to tuck them from view, and remind him that he is half human during the day and must walk upright and not say things like "Verily that chick is molten...with a little guyliner, mead, and some tap dancing from my hooves, verily she will mewl and rut tonight for me under the full moon. Huzaaah!"*

*writer/director's interpretation. David Lago may in fact, not, be the god Pan.


Freckles said...

Perfect casting as the Puck like character. The first time I saw DL was on the 7th Heaven show as Lucy's boyfriend and I thought "He would be perfect as Puck".

Anonymous said...

"MicTitiies"? I thought you've blogged that your breasts were German

Kid Sis said...

Only the left one.

Anonymous said...

Hi elisabeth

I thank you for those photos and yout comments, it's very nice, thank you very much
I'm going to see your video and the others photos
Sorry for the waiting but i was in holidays
And don't worry, i am in the intention to make a big file about The Commune, with a lot of photos !

Anonymous said...

Hi !
i will spread tyhe word of the commune, don't worry
but don't forget to send me this photo when dave is on a towel !
i'm looking forward to having news of you and dave
have a great day