Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Opening scene from THE COMMUNE

Starring Chauntal Lewis, Leslie Lello, Hero, and me


Lynda said...

An interesting start. And only a minute 12 seconds. You tease!

These are the questions I have now:

1) Who is her father?
2) Why would she hurt herself because of him?
3) Do they allow dogs in hospital rooms? :)

shrinking indigo said...

My first thought? AW, IT'S HERO!

My second thought? EIW! EIW! EIW!

You sure made me jump, lady. :D

Freckles said...

You have wonderful facial expressions. Your face tells the story. And you enunicated your words like Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched. IMHO, that is the mark of a great actress.

japhy99 said...

Holy eyeballs!

Kid Sis said...

ahhahhaa! Thanks for watching and commenting guys, appreciate it!

We're thinking we need to give away therapy for people who've seen the whole movie...#1 comment is "Disturbing".

Well, so was A CLockwork Orange, so husaah!

Patrick J. Rodio said...