Sunday, May 22, 2005

Calliope in "Mom's Cancer" Posted by Hello


Red Hat Penguin said...

Every has been going better. I've had alot of good and bad all mixing together lately. My computer died a week or so ago, thus my silence as of late. It's fixed now thank goodness! I also finaly got a piano, it is in pretty bad shape, but ive managed to fix most of it, it just needs to be tuned. I had a lady slam on her breaks and ended up rear ending her while going to the people house to move it. Work is putting me on double shifts now, starting at 7am and ending my shift at 11 pm. I haven't had any time to have the camera out, I think I had one picture to post and haven't got to it because my computer being dead. I finaly caught up on your journals (kinda) I'm so increably sad about Calliope *BIG GIANT HUGS* Welp, thats the short of it. I feel like I'm eating up the space on your page so I'll stop.


Kid Sis said...

Devin, I'm so sorry!!!! Especially can relate to the fender bender...that sucks. Hang in there, and big hugs back.