Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hollywood Reporter, bitch!

"The Commune" was listed in the Hollywood Reporter here on Tuesday, and should be on IMDB in the next two weeks. Whoo-hoo!!!!

Heidi and I are on location now, working away...our DP, gaffer and script sup join us this afternoon.

Hot diggity dog.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The shoot

Everything's going great. Staying balanced and zen. Wish I had more sleep, and a man to rub my feet and say "It's alright Janet."

Other than that, game effing on!

We leave Wednesday for the location.


Saturday, September 08, 2007


Exchanged numbers yesterday with two men. Not bad.

Check out our new lead actress. She was just in "Entertainment Weekly" and "The Insider", and this spoof on YouTube got 5 million hits the first week:

Chauntal Lewis is recording her debut album with RCA this week, then coming straight to lucky us on The Commune!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Okay, I apparently make friends with EVERYONE in elevators. The rest of you don't do this? I didn't realize that. Just had a lovely. hysterical conversation with a gentleman going down, and another one with a lady going up. See, my elevator rides always end up being laughfests with strangers.

So I get asked out by hot single men in elevators because statistically, some of the human beings I ride with are going to hot single men. Question below answered; moving on.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why do I...

keep getting asked out in elevators?

That's not some zen this point I'm truly, sincerely, wondering what's *ahem* up.

I've been *ahem* elevated to this whole new dating world, in which it's such a candystore out there I now don't even have to leave my apartment building to meet totally quality menfolk. Or apparently even shower. Though that's not really news to me; it's always been a befuddling irritant that I get asked out more in no makeup and sweat pants.

I suppose it's like my dating strategy of keeping a little extra weight on: it sorts out the riff raff.

You wouldn't even believe me if I described the last elevator encounter. Okay, I'll try. Vaguely, to protect the innocent and smoking hot.

I was sweaty from being in the basement storage area getting props for the film, and Mr. foreign-accent-my-age-writer-producer-at-glamorous-Hollywood-company is quizzing me about who I am, making sure I know he lives in my building, stooping over to pick up the photographs I dropped everywhere... Huh?

Wow. I wonder what would happen if I did a little experiment and ran around town one day riding in elevators. And I could try all sorts of different kinds of buildings to catalog the men, and see who comes up with the coolest date idea for us. How fun!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

End of the world

If you could only take one more vacation ever, where would you want to be?

Michael and I were thriftshopping and eating sushi in Japantown yesterday, and we both instantly answered Paris. We just can't understand why anyone wouldn't love Paris. The best food in the world. Amazing art. The buildings are made out of gold for Chrissakes.

He says the best partying is in Berlin, but if there were a nuclear bomb or asteroid hitting the earth and I had a teleporter, I'd go out in Paris.

Heidi and I are manifesting some free, clever way to get to Glastonbury to renew after the shoot ends, or go stay at Master Cho's temple a little while to meditate and unwind in Asia...short of swallowing a drug-stuffed condom, we'll figure out a way.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Good news

Looks like two of my favorite directors and masters of horror are back in fine form again.
Stuart Gordon's Stuck
Dario Argento's Mother of Tears
Can't wait!

And the bad frakkin news? Oh my god BSGers, we are waiting a looong, Sopranoesque time to get to earth. Effin sci-fi network is on my last nerve.

Also, please rent the BBC series Shameless. Great semi-autobiographical series about the showrunner's low-class but loving upbringing. The acting and writing are flawless, and the subject matter is raunchy, warm, funny, amazing mix of family life with uncensored sexuality in a humanist and sexy way that HBO and Showtime don't get because of their use of sex and swearing as shock value.

Good reminder, as is Dr. Who, that cheaper digital TV shows work just fine when you care about the subjects. And it gives auteurs the freedom to be real, uncensored, use male nudity, and elucidate the human experience...that little thing storytelling is all about, lest we forget.

Added bonus? You get to watch one of my favorite people on the planet fall in love with the woman he made his wife. They have an amazing relationship to emulate in reel and real life. Looking for a guy who looks at me like that, talks about me like that, thinks about me like that...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Movie magic

Okay, finished the starter version of the website about my feature film, blazing away in pre-production. Here's The Commune!