Monday, July 14, 2008

Technological retardation part 2

I've had Gmail for over a year now, and STILL the only way I can find any old emails I need to reply to is by using their search function.

I DON'T GET their conversation/cataloguing style. I've had more things to do fall through the cracks because of this function (or lack thereof).

Just now, I was trying to work quickly through my obnoxious inbox, and realized I sent three emails out in a row that had the search highlighting still in them. Subtext: "HI! I'm a superbusy, technologically retarded douche bag who doesn't give a shit about you! Hahahah!!!"

God, and I HATE having to go into the address book.

I know I'm supposed to just LOVE Gmail. I do think they do an excellent job of keeping spam out of my sight. But the rest makes my brain bruise.


Anonymous said...

Do you use gchat? I am new to gchat. Sometimes I use it.

Trying to figure out html language makes my brain bruise. Still in the process of finding the puzzle pieces to blogging.


Stephen Glauser said...

I wish I could help you out with this one ;) I'm just not too sure I understand the issue you're having with Gmail. I've been using it for a little more than four years at this point, and could not imagine any other mail handler.

I've even written about it before! ( )

If you have a specific question I'll try and answer it for you.

Kid Sis said...

Ohhhhjjj a manly provider being all helpful and that feels delightful! I sure appreciate your offer.

I'm going to have to INVENT a question impressive enough for your expertise!


Lynda said...

Gmail has its good and bad points same as any other program, but I prefer it.

Unless I have to find an old email.

Kid Sis said...

Stephen, I've got a good one for you! How the heck do you change your email title when you're stuck in a reply loop with someone?