Thursday, July 17, 2008

Creative Screenwriting Expo 6 - PISTOLERAS win

Jim Mercurio introducing me.

Creative Screenwriting Expo 6 - Award Intro from Elisabeth Fies on Vimeo

Creative Screenwriting Expo 6 - Thriller winner speech, Elisabeth Fies from Elisabeth Fies on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the video. The link for Jim Mercurio did not work.

Congratulations on the Pistoleras win!!!!!


Kid Sis said...

Got it fixed; appreciate the heads up!

brea said...

congrats! awesome little speech too.

Freckles said...

Thanks for the link for Jim Mercurio. Thanks for fixing it :)

Congratulations on your PISTOLERAS win!

Kid Sis said...

Thanks Freckles!

Hi Brea! Thanks, it was off the cuff of course ;) Did you ever do more Impact? I may go for the advanced course again; see if my schedule lets me finish this time...let me know if you're up for kicking some guys in the balls...(JK guys! Really!)