Thursday, July 10, 2008

Picnic and a movie

I'm gathering a group for VALLEY GIRL this Sunday and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE the Saturday after. Hope you can come hang out!


Anonymous said...

Would love to go, if I can rustle up a plane tix, rent a car, and other arrangements. Looks like there is a special deal for fare to LA.

Recommendations on where to stay for one night in LA?


Kid Sis said...

Hey crazy girl! I admire your sense of adventure, but it's totally not worth it!!! Don't even have a group committed yet :)

Anonymous said...

feeling very adventurous these days :)

Thanks! Wish I could go. Sounds like so much fun!


Anonymous said...

An embarassment of cinema riches this weekend, from the OldTown Pasadena Film Festival shown free on the walls in Old Town

to the Diablo Cody thing

Freckles said...

You are totally right. Would love to see the movie with you all. There will be other fun opportunities like this.