Friday, July 25, 2008

Mr. Charles Yoakum

One of my creative partners in crime, artist extraordinaire Charles Yoakum just called me on the way to the San Diego airport.

I've been his "convention wife" the past seven years (his real wife, wonderful Alaina has long since tired of it).

He said I didn't miss anything. Yea!

Charles has an interesting perspective up on what he's now dubbed Media Con. I think that's perfect. Lets make that name stick.

Well, he loved THE DARK KNIGHT. Thought it was spectacular and epic. Didn't mind the length. Became enthralled when the Joker blew up the jail, which is exactly when I became disenchanted.

I wish I'd had his experience. Again, as a director who just spent June trimming ANOTHER damn five minutes from my film, I'm always going to be of the less is more, kill your babies, say it as fast as you can or you're a self-indulgent schmuck filmmaking model.

Interestingly, since we're simpatico on so much (and obviously PISTOLERAS), Charles did not like UNBREAKABLE and wishes he'd had my experience loving it. It's in my top 20, and I can weep when I describe it to people. He, on the other hand, guessed every comic mythos nuance from the beginning while I viewed it like an awed child.

Guess that's the way I felt about DARK KNIGHT too. Having studied Batman so much for my thesis, the philosophies blowing everyone else away didn't break any new ground for me. They were self-evident.

Yes. We switched viewing experiences because of our varied expertise. Too much knowledge can ruin storytelling. That's the danger of becoming a filmmaker.

Every movie has an audience. We can't all love the same things.

And at least we both hated THE HAPPENING. Hahahaha...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'm hearing more about "imagine a Cincinnati Who Concert but in Star Wars costumes"-it appears your friends @ Fishbowl are once more in agreement with you(the hall crowd is 3 times the capacity of Petco Park? Really?). Hey, I was hearing the guy who REALLY hated "The Happening" was Mark Wahlberg...but we'll get those details tomorrow;

Kid Sis said...

Iiiiintersting. Thanks for the links.

I don't actually know anyone over at Fishbowl, according to their credits. I've no idea how they found me, but I feel grateful they check in every once in a while. Definitely simpatico.

Kid Sis said...

Actually, I'd LOVE to work for them. But who wouldn't, right?

Freckles said...

funny hearing you describe yourself as a friend's "convention wife" regarding the Comic Con. That reminds me of a friend. He loves country music but his wife is not a big fan of country music. He takes a friend who also is a big fan of music. His wife calls her "your music wife". Hahaha.

I bookmarked Mr. Charles Yoakum's blog.

Mediabistro is great for networking. I've met different people including film people. They have events all over the country. I've volunteered for their events in the SF Bay Area several times. So much fun!