Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr. Jed Hammel

Our good friend and once upon a time PISTOLERAS line producer Jed Hammel has a cool music video making the rounds this summer at a film festival near you. (Dances With Film, WeHo Film Festival, etc!!!)

He co-directed THE NIGHT DIVINE for the amazingly talented and ethereal Heather, aka LO-FI SUGAR. It's no longer available online so that you have to see it onscreen where it belongs. But trust me, you missed out. The visuals are very well done, and Heather has celestial talent.

We're talking to her about featuring three of her songs in THE COMMUNE with a nice juicy card in the front credits, and are hoping it works out. If it does, and all parties are amenable, how cool would it be if we can offer our distributor Jed's video as a lovely extra feature on the DVD?

Friends helping talented friends. Delightful!


Jeremy Jed Hammel said...

Chills! My first Kid Sis post! Thanks for the kind words!

Kid Sis said...

Awww really? Chills? yea!

Have I really never written about you?? Is that possible? Yikes!!!!

Jeremy Jed Hammel said...

No worries...BTW, for my last fall under the: friends toying with leaving LA category!