Sunday, July 13, 2008

David Lago is a god


The whole fansites-devoted-to-Dave sends me into peels of giggles. I was with him when some of those photos were taken (Yes, I'm the magenta behind him in the cut-glove photo!! ME!!! Commence Elvis screaming!!!!). Ah, and all the dirt I have on my adopted little hard not to divulge. The things I could tell these swooning girls. The sheets I could sell them from all the times he's crashed at my pad in the spareroom or on my couch. So surreal.

Of course I won't. He's family to us Fies girls, and vice versa.


Freckles said...

That reminds me. When I visited Impressive University, whenever I met a hottie, I asked him for his autograph before he becomes famous. I did not want to forget his name. ;)

That is too funny about selling his sheets to swooning girls. That's cool about you being there when some of those photos were taken.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi again !
love your blog, you should post some photos of dave !
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