Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oops, I Did It Again

Geez, just checked my counter's referrer section. Someone got to my blog by googling "Uncircumcised Cock." And you know who you are.

That's so funny. My friend Chris told me in last quarter's section I was known as "cock girl." Man, this whole women reclaiming their sexuality thing is a slow and windy road. :)

S Factor class was incredible today. Finally turned my brain off and not only clicked with the last two pole tricks, but learned a new one as well. It felt like flying! I'm still wobbling in the six inch heels, my knees are still bruised, but - getting less foot cramps, closing my eyes more, and I'm no longer pole-phobic! Yeah, me! I just love my instructor, too. So great to have all the lights off and the music going and hear her growling "beautiful!" at all the ladies in class. It's so empowering.

We also did our first lap dances today, which was really intense. I got two, because you have to take turns sitting in the chair and the instructor came over to show us what we were doing wrong in the routine. It's funny because you just have to go for it. The instructor is totally matter of fact about it all, and all the women watch and clap. At one point I was doing a backbend on the pole, and one of my classmates shouted "Bend into it on your head!" I love the way women can be all nurturing with each other and take the sex out of stuff like that. Sisterhood rocks. God I wish I were gay. So much better material to work with.

The biggest thing today really was turning my brain off, though. Instead of being paralyzed with fear about "what if I fall or do it wrong, bitch!" I just let go and trusted physics. Oh, I can't wait to lose thirty-five pounds so I can really fly around the pole. I already signed up for the second session, so now I'm committed to going upside down on that thing. Yee-ha! Gotta get the abs and arms ready by that August D-day. Upside down.

Hope you caught Sheila Kelley on Oprah After the Show yesterday. She went off about patriarchal society restricting women's body movement, the power dynamics of men's strength vs. women's S-shaped movement and Kundalini-ish power. It was great. I was so proud of her. Own that body, ladies!

I noticed on the S-Factor site that most of the instructors are single and haven't been able to do their lap dance on a man yet. Isn't that wild? The guys are totally missing out, while we women are practicing on each other in class. I don't care what men say about wanting strong, indendent women - the fact is, many of the coolest women I know are single.


Anonymous said...

Wait -- is the S Factor class a kind of work training, or is it mainly a tool meant to seduce unsuspecting men and casual acquaintances? (Not b-f's or men who, presumably, have already seen you nekkid?) What about those of us who don't have poles at home? Do they have mobile poles, maybe something like those mini b-ball hoops that kids have in their rooms?

You know, it could prove useful when that friend of Michael's comes to town in August.


Kid Sis said...

Personally, I keep a retractable pole in my purse, next to my unabridged Webster's Dictionary and a box of tampons. The pole also comes in handy as a self-defense weapon, or in case I lock my keys in my car, I can just smash the window open.

Work training is a good idea - think I'll use it as write off.

But no, mostly I think it's just used to seduce other classmates. Hey, maybe they can MAKE me gay! Cool! Bet if I was in the San Francisco studio they could guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, a retractable pole. Just whip it out, and there it is. Sounds handy.


Kid Sis said...

Yes, rather like that stick Jlo whipped out of her pocket in "Out of Sight." God I love that movie.

Anonymous said...

A whipping stick?

Hey, they don't call you a knockout for nuthin,' grrl!


Kid Sis said...


Going to the WGA tonight for a lecture by the staff of Everybody Loves Raymond.

WriteOnBlyn said...

"You wanted to tussle. So we tussled." Great, great movie that just gets better with each viewing.

And there are cool, single girls in LA? Seriously? Wish I had know that when I was there...where was this blog then? Hmmm? Wheres, I asks ya?

And mad props to Sheila Kelley for also being the hottie at the end of Matchstick Men...

I wonder if Ally Sheedy also had a pole in her purse in the Breakfast Club...

Kid Sis said...

That's one of my favorite lines! Loving it!

Oh, sorry you didn't meet the cool girls. Guess I know 'em all. Life's always like that, isn't it?

Seriously, Sheila Kelley rocks. Not single, though. But cool as hell.

I can tell you absolutley Ally Sheedy had a pole in her purse, because her bottomless purse is INSIDE mine!

Anonymous said...

'retractable pole'...speaking of uncircumsized (dorry had to comment something, this was damn funny)

Kid Sis said...

Freud was right; it all comes back to Penis Envy. Dammit.

Here's the Out of Sight script.