Saturday, July 12, 2008

Like I'm talking to myself...

Did any of you watch LIE WITH ME yet? Humph. Fine. Really, it was very good. Sigh.

Hey, let's play Six Degrees...anyone in LA know Eric Balfour?

I like him for PISTOLERAS.

Oh geez, and a HUGE kudos to Brea Grant, the delightful actress we cast as ditzy Pistolera Sophie (Then after a bad equipment test run last spring, we decided to wait and quadruple our budget to do it right, RESERVOIR DOGS style. And thus the more appropriately low budget THE COMMUNE came first. She did this brilliant take on the irritating-friend-who-gets-you-into-trouble that made Sophie adorable and full-blooded...Heidi and I just fell in love, and a huge puzzle piece clicked into place.)

Brea has parlayed last season's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS guest starring roll into a lead on HEROES opposite Hiro. She's profiled ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY this week. Yea Brea!!!! We knew you were a superhero! Now you get to be a villain, too! So fun.

Crap, does that mean we can't afford Brea any more? :( Back to finding investors...

Okay, and just because it feels so mmmmm to look at pics of him in l'amour:

Wouldn't you be happy if he were in PISTOLERAS, ladies? Phenomenal actor.


Anonymous said...

Let's play Six Degrees.

No, I have not had the honor of meeting Eric Balfour. He is a hottie! I met an actor (Jason Lewis) from Sex and the City at an event several months ago. He was Samantha's boyfriend in the movie.


Anonymous said...

Totally get the feeling sometimes about talking to myself. That is great news about Brea Grant. Now we have two actresses whose careers are taking off. You have the magic touch :)

Kid Sis said...

Aw sweetie do you have jetlag?? What are you doing up?

Kid Sis said...

Heidi, is Eric not LOCO? Hullooo...cha-chunk; another puzzle piece into place.

Anonymous said...

You know Lis actors always seek to collaborate with film types who stick nekkid pictures of them on their website.

Milo's erratic behavior on that least season of "24" was one of the things that made it shark-jumpy to me

Whaddya mean "Reservoir Dogs"? "Swingers" was done despite the fact that anybody involved in it thought they had the money to do it right, they did it anyway.

Freckles said...

Was up watching Saturday Night Live on tv and figuring out how to design my blog. I will check out the Lie with Me film on Netflix, though I would rather flirt with the cute guy at the local video rental.

Kid Sis said...

I feel offended by the tone of your comment and that it was posted anonymously.

a) Loco's uniform throughout the movie is a bare chest, leather pants, cape and Mexican hood.

From Eric's interviews, he seems very European about his body and up for a). He's proud of his work in LIE WITH ME, as he should be, and he took those photos because he wanted people to see him that way. And it worked, I saw him suddely as Loco and I'd love to cast him. Phenomenal actor.

b) As I said, we did a test run for the Swingers 200k and it looked like shit. Even FIND didn't want to be involved, and it would have gone straight to DVD with one copy on the Blockbuster shelf.

For 1 mil Reservoir Dogs-sytle, we can have one name actor, shoot on the 35 mm it deserves...and not cut the award-winning script down from 47 speaking parts, 6 leads, 3 car chases, countless stunts, guns, and 200 extras, and I don't even know how many locations.

It can't be done locally micro budget and under the radar of the unions without being shut down.

There's getting it done shitty like 99.9% of indy films made that don't receive distribution (read Mike at HD Online For Indies). And then there's getting it done right and having people actually see your movie and having everyone involved be proud and advance in their career and maybe change the world with a script that shows men and women working together to solve a heinous problem on our planet.

Pistoleras deserves it. We deserve it.

Kid Sis said...

God, and you know something else?? I'm naked all over THE COMMUNE.

Fuck American Puritanicalism, and fuck the idea that i ask my actors to do anything I don't for my movies.

Freckles said...

You go, girl!