Monday, July 14, 2008

Pet peeve

For most my life it was exclusivity or judgement.

Now it's stinginess.

I don't undertand not sharing what you have. Who ARE you?

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Anonymous said...

Why would someone be stingy? Is it because no one taught them how to share? I was reminded of a class (from childhood). Someone brought those sweet snacks - Ding Dongs ???

Our teacher told the student to share it with the rest of the class. Luckily it was a small class - only 10 kids that day. The kid cut them into 10 pieces for all of us.

It makes me wonder if we are taught to share or if it is easy for some people to share with others.

If someone was stingy with money, for example, sometimes it is a control issue. For them, money is power. They think they can control the world through control of their money. Like Scrooge, for example.

I've been told I am too generous (gave a wedding gift).