Monday, July 14, 2008

Strange Prague

I often travel into a city with no plans of where I'm going to stay that night, knowing no one, and I always land on my feet and have a grand adventure and meet amazing people. People always take care of me.

But I've also travelled where I know someone or am two degrees separated from a guide who takes me to the non-tourists areas...and I love that.

Seeing as the whole reason I wanted to go to Prague the last dozen years is because I heard it was full of amazing creative generous spontaneous friendly artists, I've had it stuck in my head I'd be social and live it up in the "Paris of the 1920s." Meet some cool people and run around playing like kids. Make up for not studying abroad in college.

But I've reached out to 3 people in or with contacts in Prague and been rejected. It's all very queer and un-European-feeling. More separatist American, like "hey good luck with your trip, buy a guidebook like every other lame-ass American, and buh-bye." It's pissing me off. Waaaah! No one wants to play with me. Dammit! I'm charming and delightful!! Grumble.

Meanwhile, American friends from all around are sudddenly calling telling me not to go or to come back soon and that they want to play with me here in California or in NYC. And great menfolk are dropping out of the sky asking me on fun dates, and there's this intriguing job possibility....

Why does the universe always test me like this? This feeling of "You finally made a ballsy choice, but are you sure this is what you want? Really? Because behind Door #2 is..."

Door #2 is feeling better than Door #1.

Maybe I'll just go, czech Prague off my list, and do a lot of antisocial reading and writing in cafes. Seems like a waste of a good city of artists. Oh well. Enough energy spent planning and reaching out to near strangers. Time to hurtle myself into the abyss. What a clumsy dismount this one has been. Totally uncharacteristic and unrepresentative of my life.


Lynda said...

OMG, I totally know what you mean. I won't really go into details in comments, but why can't the decisions be simple every now and then.

Freckles said...

I had similar experiences myself. How strange about the reactions of the 3 people you reached out to. I hope that you will count me as one of these American friends who is very excited about your going to Prague. I am living vicarously through your adventures. I hope I never gave you a bad impression when I suggested getting a guidebook.

Although I often travel into a city with no plans of where I am going to stay, I bring a guidebook with me to familiarize myself with the culture and the language.

Did you try the US Embassy?

Like you, I am charming and delightful. Sometimes the rejection is not personal.

I think your American friends (telling you not to go or to come back soon) are trying to tell you that they miss you. I had similar experiences.

I am very excited for you going to Prague! Wondering if you thought about writing an article or two about your experiences for the travel section of the Sunday paper. Are you bringing your camera to Prague?

If you decide to stay in Prague, then I can visit you. And your friends can visit too.

Please do what feels right to you. If you want to stay in Prague, then do that. If you want to come back, then return to good ol' USA. As my life coach told me years ago, remember that there are always choices.

Anonymous said...

A friend is currently travelling in Prague. He and his fiancee are enroute to Paris but will return to Prague. He suggested a walking tour. He also said the Prague Castle is beautiful.

Wanted to ask you before I give him your name. Is it ok to give him your name so he can contact you via facebook?


Kid Sis said...

sure! I'll meet anyone who loves Paris. And took his fiance there?? Terrific!

Kid Sis said...

Lynda, I'm always up for details. Email me homegirl!

Kid Sis said...

Freckles, thank you!

Freckles said...

hi there! Happy to help out if I can! I am not sure if Amer and his fiancee will still be there in Prague when you arrive in Prague. I mentioned that you are going to Prague. And I gave him your name so he can contact you via facebook. Hope he contacts you with tips about Prague!

On another note, I love eating Ben and Jerry ice cream too :)

Always enjoy reading your blog. I was at a media event last night and mentioned your blog a few times.

Anonymous said...

Great website with photos of Prague and there are little stories too.