Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Corkscrew, the move I effed up my left hand on. And it didn't even look good when I did it. Did I mention that I now have to hunt and peck to type, or that if I sprained or broke my hand I have to quit S factor for months? (again, imagine tears streaming down my face) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...


Are you OK?


Kid Sis said...

NOOooo!!!!! Owwwww. thanks for asking.

I wrote the book on stupidity, I'm telling you.

Guyot said...

Um... you're not, like, starting a new career or anything, are you?

Kid Sis said...

A highly unsuccessful one, apparently!

yeah, this writing thing is tough. Gotta makes me some lucrative porn!

No, I'm just doing the hip hollywood gal thing and having fun trying to become a size zero. It ain't working well, Paul, because I missed the part where the other women started out as size zeroes. Ow ow ow.

Anonymous said...

OMG. You'd need to be built like She-Ra to do this freaking move. That's like, your ENTIRE body weight on your wrists, for X sake.

Can those skinny girls really do this move? With their scrawny-ass arms?

Size zero, indeed. Hmph. I was a size zero. WHEN I WAS A FETUS.



Kid Sis said...

Yeah, exactly...all 155 lbs on my scrawny left wrist. I'm sure this is the one that snapped it.

I kid you not, every class is me in the back shaking my head going "No way Jose" and then the 95 pound actress/models hopping up on the pole and doing it perfectly the first time. Sigh.

MoDigli said...

OUch... this is really a serious injury! I didn't actually realize it til seeing these posts and comments. Heal up, & take care of yourself. But I still say don't give up!

Both of these moves you've got illustrated here look really advanced!!! Wow!! I'm impressed, actually. As lovely as they look, I would be fearful to try those!