Saturday, July 12, 2008

For all you skimmers, dammit

Just to be clear...

I have never said I'm moving to Prague.

So you can stop emailing and texting me congrats already!

What I SAID was...

I'm putting my stuff in storage and I'm taking a trip to Prague.

I have no plans afterwards. No apartment rented, no return ticket, nowhere I need to be on any date.

If I like it in Europe and the universe presents opportunities, there's no reason I couldn't stay. Though the job opportunities that I wrote about are in Paris, London, and Venice. Not Prague.

It's just as likely I'll be back in the states.

But who knows where or when.

Capice? D'accord?


I mean thanks for caring, but cripes!


Anonymous said...

You are funny.

Kid Sis said... a clown.

I've heard that before.


Lynda said...

It's still an adventure and I stand by my statement!

Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Kid Sis said...

Thank you!

And please don't be disappointed if all I do is wind up right back in LA or NYC!