Thursday, November 29, 2012

We need heroes! Please help us Crash the Superbowl!

My sister Brenda and I have made two entries for the million dollar Doritos contest. Out of five thousand entries, they're going to pick 5 to win cash - and they're looking for fan favorites so we need your views and feedback!

Please take 30 seconds each to watch our commercials on Facebook. You win "I'm extra Awesome!" points if you leave us a comment and rate our entry 3 stars or higher!!! No signups necessary; it's done through your current Facebook profile. Fast, easy, painless, but a HUGE help to us!

KEEPAWAY starring Jamison Reeves, Gregg Silver and Melanie Leanne Miller.

IDOLIZE starring Jamison Reeves and Gregg Silver.

Thanks so much for your help! We're super proud of our two entries and spectacular actors. Couldn't do all this without your support! xoxo