Tuesday, July 08, 2008

David Lynch

Guest-hosted Jonesy's Jukebox yesterday 7-7-08. Download it.

Thanks to everyone who picnicked with me at the cemetary to BLUE VELVET on Sunday: Christina, Shawna, Brenda, Stefan and his brother. Felt soooo awesome to be back in the beautiful weather, watching one of my favorites. Hysterically funny. I can now officially say that yes, THE COMMUNE has an audience, and yes, it is my BLUE VELVET.

My LA birthday party is this Sunday at the cemetary watching VALLEY GIRL. Be there or be really freaking lame.

The Saturday after is CLOCKWORK ORANGE, and uh...after that you might not see me for loooong time. So come already, and bring booze and cheese and candles and a pillow for your rump.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun! How far is the cemetary from the airport?


Kid Sis said...

23 miles!