Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Q & A

Freckles asks regarding adding my AIM account:
Do you have prerequisites? Though we have not formally met, I enjoy reading your blog.

I have made incredible friends first through the virtual world, and eventually we meet and like each other as much in person. Please add me!

Freckles asks:
Do you think there are more or less opportunities out there for women (like me) in the indie film industry?

Less opportunities in the studio environment and more in the indie world.

It's very important to learn your style of management/employment and be the best woman you can be instead of imitating a man. Then I find that men adore working with you and the opportunities are boundless. I highly recommend as a minimum taking Alison Armstrong's first PAX course.

But let me just stalwart producing partner Heidi and I had originally intended to populate our set in the reverse ratio: 92% female and 8% male: as a statement, to give women opportunities, to set things right. And we thank the gods every day that that didn't work out.

Men are experts at things that women do not understand: teamwork, loyalty, honor, integrity (getting the job done no matter what). We never had problems with male employees.

And even more than that... If you truly love men, appreciate them, recognize their service, thank them, treat them like gold, tell them what you want and need...

Men are the most amazing people on the planet. I mean Zeus, they LIVE to make you happy and to get you exactly what you want. No politics, no pouting, no games, no undermining... just "What do you want?" so that they can achieve and provide it for you.

Crap, see now I'm getting misty again.

Working with my crew was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

In fact, I only "lost it" twice on set. And I didn't really "lose it", I calculated how angry to get to scare people into a momma bear way... and BOTH times it was when my crew was being mistreated. EFF that, not on my set.

Heidi and I as managers ran "The Five Love Languages" on each crew member to figure out how to best show our appreciation (i.e. I'm a gift giver, but if that's not your language of love than that doesn't say "thank you" to you...and if you're my line producer you might actually tell me to STOP giving you gifts...hahahah...) EVERY SINGLE ONE of our guys was SERVICE.

Okay, now I'm crying.

Bill Cunningham is an expert at studying the new film model. So is Eric Escobar. And Mike Curtis. Defintely start reading their blogs.

As far as your first question goes, I met all three of these gentleman first online. Am now friends in the "real" world with the first two, and the third was used by my editor as a consultant on THE COMMUNE. I'm sure I'll meet him soon.


Cunningham said...

The referral is a wonderful "thank you" so "Thank You."

Glad we speak the same language!


Kid Sis said...

Luv you Bill!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my silly questions. Never thought of the issue of "women" in the film industry until a friend mentioned it. She got her film made and it was on Hallmark Hall of Fame, which was great!

Thanks for the links to two great blogs about filmmaking. I also looked at Heidiwood and Shauna's blog.

Trying to add you to my AIM. My handle is dmf8835.


Eric Escobar said...

I was wondering why I got a spike in traffic, it was the "kidsis-bump" the demographers talk about.

Kid Sis said...

Wow, nice choices on Shawna and Heidi! I highly recommend.

Eric! hhahah. Glad to help.