Sunday, July 06, 2008

In case you care

I try not to talk about work too much, because long ago I chased away all the snarky wannabe screenwriters who were rude to the cancer caregiver readers, and well...everyone who's left now seems much more interested in what I'm feeling, processing, thinking on any given day than about the Hollywood grind. As it should be, frankly.

So where THE COMMUNE stands is I spent June trimming another five minutes out of it with genius editor Todd, and now the puppy sings arias. Then went to Winter at EMB Studios for the (hopefully) last go-round of sound editing/design, then back to Todd's to compile everything and devise our viral campaign strategies for Youtube, Myspace, and our website. If you want to watch my progress designing our website (FUN! Like chewing glass), you may do so here. Constructive suggestions are welcome, though suggesting I start over from scratch will be met with a firm "Eat me." You've been warned.

In the middle of all this, Brenda is helping me move my shit, er I mean cherished possessions, into storage. I'm in the process of donating or selling over half of everything I own, and am transferring some assets like my car over to her because there's a high likelihood when I go to Prague at the end of the month that I won't be coming back from Europe. You've been warned.

One of my dearest, oldest friends has an empty apartment in Prague and has offered to let me stay there. And another friend has been living there for awhile, and though he'll be gone I'm hoping he'll be a hero and introduce me into his circle of friend, because if they're anything like him I'll be in good hands.

I can't remember if I ever mentioned it here, but Prague has been my #1 destination plan since sophomore year of college, when I heard it was like Paris in the 20s, and had a premonition that I was going to meet my man there. Lest you think I'm under the spell of Oneitis again, my plan is not to marry a Czech for a greencard. I have some other friends who expanded their NYC business to London, and are now going to Paris, Venice, and Japan. So employment opportunities and housesitting jobs are likely. Plus, it sounds pretty simple to get a job under the table at a hostel. You know, killing American tourists.

I have to confess, I got a little nervous today thinking about the European men. Anita reminded me how my guyfriends were pulling them off of me in Spain. It was kind of strange because it was just me. The other American girls were plenty prettier and didn't have drunken buffoons trailing after them for miles or, um, EFFING BITING them. If it's like that anywhere else when I'm traveling alone...I don't know. I'm going to have to figure out the culture fast to discern why I was catnip to them (Too approachable and welcoming? Do I have to be a cold bitch who doesn't make eye contact? I need to bind my breasts and ass?) and how to say in their language "Sorry, I only sleep with a man I love who is committed to me."*

Or maybe I can just lie and say I'm Canadian; avoid the whole American girls gone wild stigma. Traveling alone is such a drag for a woman when you have to spend the whole time figuring out safety issues. That's why it's taken me so long to get to Prague in the first place. I didn't want to go alone.

But, well, I don't have my wonderful traveling partner to explore the world with and make love to every day and eat great food off of, so guess I have to go to Europe to meet him.

And you guys can stay here and worry about the election, gas prices, the recession, and the actors strike. Suckers!


Anonymous said...

Do not volunteer that you are an American. I was in London when I read about a grave mistake the American military made (friendly fire killed a British general). It was not in American papers. But it was in the UK papers. On that same trip, I was in Austria and someone asked me if I was American or Canadian.

So I replied that I was a Canadian.

That is wonderful news about you going to Prague! I thought about moving to Prague myself. I suggest that you contact the US Embassy and ask them to send you information about Prague.

Here is an amazing article about Americans in Prague. This may be a repeat for you. I recall reading about YAP in the National Geographic magazine at my dentist's office but I cannot find it online. I recall something about a film community in Prague.

-Would love to visit Prague someday

Jeremy Jed Hammel said...

I hadn't read this post before I sent you my last email...glad things are going so well.

I am fancy too, though;

A feature script I wrote, "Something Magical" won Honorable Mention (3rd Place,) in the drama Category in the 2008 Woods Hole Film Festival Screen Writing Competition.

Also, a short script I wrote, "Moment of Truth," made it to the 2nd Round of the American Gem Screenwriting contest.

Howya like me Now?

Jeremy Jed Hammel said...

oh, and I care!

Lynda said...

What an exciting adventure! Good luck!

japhy99 said...

Wow -- sounds great. A friend is convinced his woman-to-be awaits him in Spain. But he hasn't had the balls to get an apartment there to go look for her.

Lina said...

NO! You're leaving?! Say it isn't so! :(

Kid Sis said...

Thanks anon! Yes, there is a great community of filmmakers on Prague, and a ton of Hollywood movies made there.

Jeddy, you've always been fancy to me. Always. Congrats! :) And I know! ;)

Lynda! I'll miss you most of all!

JK, seriously, none of you aholes ever see me in the non-virtual world anyway hahaha...

Japhy 99, I'm afraid I was born with ten men's balls. Emotional fearlessness... it's a disease. Don't stand too close to me, you might catch it!

Liiiina! Sorry!! Okay, I won't say it!! But um, yeah, I'm still gonna be on that red eye, undoubtedly smuggling a tampon or two packed with heroin for some "legit" courier business...

Anonymous said...

great movie about the international experience, as well as an EU for your popularity in Spain, I dunno, maybe it's a fascism thing(I keed)

Kid Sis said...

Yes, like gaydar...those Spaniards can spot a Marxist at ten feet!!!

Thanks for the movie tip :)

Kid Sis said...

Hey wait...but what about that Australian guy...doesn't explain him. Brick or Steel or some such nonesense. Followed me all the way back to the hotel til Barrett chased him away...

Anonymous said...

Totally get what you mean about that Australian guy. You are lucky to have a friend like Barrett chase him away!

Happy travels!

Kid Sis said...

Is that Anita??

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not Anita. When I said I get what you meant about the Australian guy, I meant that I had similar experiences as you did. It sounded like the guy was bothering you and a good friend chased him away.

Wish I had a friend like Barrett to chase that guy away at the time it happened. Everyone thought it was funny and that "I did not have a sense of humor". After that incident, I went to a pet store and got dog biscuits. If the guy was going to act like a dog, then give him dog food. They thought it was funny to see someone throw dog biscuits at the guy.

-Still Learning How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Anonymous said...

Wanted to ask a general question about THE COMMUNE and other films you made.

If this is a tough question to answer, then I apologize in advance.

First, I admire your ability to follow through on your passion to produce films.

When you started making films, I am sure that people asked you questions like "what is the film about?"

How did you decide on the right time (pre-production? post-production?) to reveal the storyline of your films?

How do you deal with confidentiality issues, regarding your films?


-Name Witheld on Request