Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hey, kid

Am I going to see the Academy's Tribute to Robert Evans and screening of Rosemary's Baby?


Am I happy about the five dollah ticket price?

You betcha.

Do I have an overwhelming urge to sleep with legendary lothario Robert Evans? Sorry, Bob.

The Kid stays in her clothes.


Anonymous said...

I think he has a son who is quite a hottie!

That son is from his marriage to the still beautiful Ali McGraw.

How lucky you are! You get to see the Academy tribute to a filmmaker.

JC said...

Hey Kid your title brings back that famous quote "Hey Kid heres looking at yer" the one and only Humphrey Bogart. They say you learn something new every day - and from the previous comment has let us know that the hottest guy in town is Ali McGraws son. I just remember her being married to the hottest and coolest guy ever "Steve McQueen

Kid Sis said...

Ali McGraw on the mind...I love it ladies! Thanks!