Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bat signal up?

Talk about rallying the troops. All my heroes are showing up.

Now Michael is taking me to X-Files tonight and my brother is coming down for a day of packing on Sunday. Totally initiated by them, no prompting from me.

And none of you guys read my blog. Dave said he just had this feeling he had to text me and that I needed to hear what he said.


Thank you for being there for me and helping. I'm just sayin' it out into the universe, since it seems to be working and you're hearing it all as "help Lis not have a nervous breakdown"...

Oh jeez, and if you're a girlfriend feeling hurt that I'm not returning phone calls or paying enough attention to you, it so isn't about you. I really am in crisis mode; have been all July between packing and putting out financial fires and preventing a huge problem with the movie.

If it sounds like I'm off having fun all the time, A) I'm not. And B) it's just because my male friends are sussing out that I'm about to snap, and they initiate our friendship by doing shit like show up at my front door and forcing me to go to a movie with them (that ALWAYS calms me down), or feeding me when I haven't eaten all day, or take the box and packing tape out of my shaking hands.

Guys are better equipped to deal with me in panic mode, when I'm like a chipmunk with ADD on speed. They don't take any of my antisocial behaior personally, and somehow have a sixth sense that I'm in trouble and need help.

But I love you ladies too and look forward to seeing you when I'm sane again. Don't hate me.


Freckles said...

Loved your quote:

"Careful or you'll end up in my novel". I'll order a copy of your novel.

Can I quote you on my blog?

Also loved "Bat signal up?"

Totally get what you mean about friends. One of my BFF (a guy) is very apologetic because he is busy. I tried to explain to him that I really do understand that he has a full plate. I know he is a straight shooter. If he was upset with me, he would definitely tell me! He and I are new friends and he was worried about offending me. I know he is my friend. I believe that the test of a true friendship is "will this friend be there for you during good AND bad times?"

Interesting what you say about your guy friends and girlfriends. Although I agree with what you said about guy friends and girlfriends, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. I had different experiences. A former friend (a guy) took it personally if I did not return phone calls because "everything was all about him". He did not really have friends. He also has anger issues.

Several girlfriends are understanding when I am busy because they have busy, fulfilling lives too. I think it depends on individuals. People, who can maintain friendships, are more understanding when their friends are in crisis mode.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your grief, but if this is a true friend he wouldn't take you to something as monumentally disappointing as "The X-Files"