Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is what Wednesday night preview night now looks like:

Fuck all of you Hollywood star-fucking whores who ruined Con.




Anonymous said...

Too many people ruined the Con?

Kid Sis said...

Yes. Too many people who aren't there for comics.

It's COMIC-con.

Not GAMER-con, or HOLLYWOOD-con, or anything but grrrrrr comics.

To see comics and comic geeks relegated to the tiniest section of the exhibition hall, or unable to get it or get a hotel...makes my blood boil.

They need to start an autograph seeking con somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

KidSis, come for the decisive street-level view of the entertainment industry-stay for the pottymouth. As horrific an image as you've posted, in the words of the Elder Statesman Martha Stewart this is a GOOD thing (who also is a terrible pottymouth behind closed doors, I have on good authority). Not too long ago I would traipse up a great lookin' stairwell)think Paul Newman in "The Hustler") to the second story off a street that Bob Seger sang about, Into an amazing room decorated with comics going back to the 40's in plastic bags hanging by pushpins-it was full of hippies & undergrads who were immature enough to immerse themselves in the world of comic books. There was a terribly rude assistant who'd advise you against pulling the plastic(I know, it's now called "mylar") bag off that checkerboard(wait, now that's "Silver Age", cripes) cover Batman comic-after all, it was 2 or $3. I don't HAVE to venture out to a college town 2 hours away to find a shop that sells comic books-or shame myself as a grown-ass man with that squeaky rack @ the drugstore. I go 2 miles & I'm in a four-color "Cheers". The point is, since your family arguably works in this same industry you WANT it to do well, blow up, take off. If you work for Chrysler you WANT people to buy Chargers. And if you're drawing a check off graphic novels, you WANT enough people @ the Con to fill Charger Stadium. Oh, did you notice the Con quietly dropped "San Diego" from their name? It's Vegas baby, Vegas. And if you weren't in the basement of the U.S. Grant in '74 Lis you can't truly claim that "they" wrecked "your" Con. I have a friend who used to get beat-up by the burnouts & jocks for liking the Ramones, as a schoolteacher he tells every student who walks in his classroom wearing a "Rocket To Russia" shirt(jocks too) the sacrifice he made for them. Go to Diego. Move through the aisles like Han Solo in carbonite. And enjoy yourself. I'll buy you a coffee @ the PepperMill when we all hit The Strip. And that rude assistant back in the upstairs shop full of the Golden Age titles? He wrote "The Dark Knight". It's all growth & progress & the geeks are winning, mark my words

Freckles said...

good grief! that is not fair to people who were there for comics.

didn't the autograph seekers realize this was COMIC-con?

why couldn't they set up the autograph seeking con at a different venue? perhaps they could set up a separate line for autograph seekers? It is like when we go to a cultural event and they have separate lines for those who already have tickets and for "will call" tickets.

checked the website and it was evident that it was a COMIC-con!

Kid Sis said...

Anyone with a passing familiarity with the comic industry knows how many professionals can no longer get jobs as artists and writers because no one is buying comics. The statistics are dire. Not only has my "family" not made money off of Mom's Cancer, my BROTHER has not made money.

I doubt a single person in that line will buy a comic. Maybe a manga. Or a videogame. Or a toy. Or an autographed headshot. But not a comic.

Marty Nozz said...

It is a sad state of affairs that the actual comics are so far out of the spotlight at a Comic-con. The local comic shop makes more money off Yu-Gi_oh cards. Wizard Magazine (the 'guide to comics' which I wouldn't wipe my ass with) gives more coverage to the whoring out of intellectual properties than to the books that said properties originated in.

All these comic book based movies this year, and no one seeing them and then going out to buy the book. What the hell happened to people actually reading?

Very frustrating. I feel your pain and share your righteous indignation.

Kid Sis said...

Exactly!! Awww, thanks Marty. All I'm trying to say.