Saturday, July 05, 2008


Damn him. Being all brilliant and political and Canadian, stirring up sh*t again. WHILE HE'S RUNNING A TV SHOW.

Sigh. Whatever. I first became exhausted trying to keep up with this man, what, three years ago? Back when he was just an A list screenwriter/scribosphere blogger who had time to chat with me about Deadwood, Pistoleras and Marxism at Meltdown Comics, and I STILL couldn't process books/articles/comics/blogs/movies/TV as fast as him. Freaking Neo, man.

Wish I could use this post from his blog in my intro letters to managers:

kid sis: Hey Rogers! Don't make a Brazilian porn fart on my wet dream of Underpaid Glorified Dialogue Writer! Zeus knows I can't clean bedpans or fill out insurance forms...

Rogers: For that metaphor alone, you should get an automatic staffing gig.

From his lips to the Hollywood Fairies' ears. Then again, it'd be a lot more adventurous to get some feature polishing gigs and do them remotely from Prague...


JC said...

You certainly have a way with words. Will not forget this line below
"Brazilian porn fart on my wet dream."

Kid Sis said...

Hahahah. Well that's why I get yet. I think there are probably more men in the world who would pay me to shut up, hahaha. But not Rogers :) That's why we love that dissident; he's ready for women to rule side by side.