Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Siiin City

Saw it. Loooved it.

Had to wait until Sunday to see it because I'm a member of the Sci Fi Academy, and they've been showing such crappy films this year I wanted to justify my membership fee.

Still, really wish now I'd seen it opening night with people who got it. Because nobody clapped at my screening, and I was ready to jump on my seat and take my top off.

Would give my left tit to work with any or all three of those guys. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. They continue to amaze and inspire me. And how RR can stays under the radar making fast, cheap, fantastic films while Hollywood scratches its collective balls...Wish he was my mentor.

I had a dream last night about making a Friday the 13th type film with a digital camera. Probably because after class, I found out between me and my screenwriting drinking buddies we have four cameras. Of course, mine is the only Sony 150, so I couldn't change lenses like they can with their Canons. And of course none of us had a P24.

Hard to think about that much work without access to a REAL digital camera like RR uses. It would look so sweet, even without the money for blue screen tricks.


Anonymous said...

You'd better hold onto both your tits. After all, you're in Hollywood...they could come in handy.

Your (aghast) Brother

Kid Sis said...

You poor thing. I'm just giving you practice shrugging and saying "that's my sister".

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see "Sin City." Yummmm... Clive
Owen. Like to lick that guy like a postage stamp.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that you might have got an applause from your very open excitement at how good you thought it was at the very least.

Kind Regaurds,
Devin Sullivan Marsh