Friday, April 15, 2005

Hello Strangers

Ah, the Eisner nominations are clearly out now. Welcome to my website, and thanks for reading Mom's Cancer.

If you have any fond feelings for Mom, please drop her a comment on her blog.

She's having a really rough two weeks, and is way too brave to tell you all. The full paralysis in her right leg is back now that they took her off the dangerous steroids, and she's scared and exhausted. It takes 45 minutes to wheel herself out to the kitchen for coffee in the morning. Which translates to riding Nurse Sis and me like Tauntauns. Just don't tell her I asked you all for some help/love, cuz she wants to do it herself. And as we all know, when she puts her mind to something she can halt incurable diseases in their tracks.

Holy Goodness! And if you still can't find Mom's Cancer, it's cuz it's at a SECRET PLACE. Swivel three times in your chair and click here: You'll have to go the rest of the way on your own. I know nothing, said nothing.

RIP Andre Francois. Condolences to his family. And I'm so sad that Will Eisner is gone, this year of all years. So close, yet so far from our heroes.


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment on this:
"Occupation: Geek Goddess"
Yes, why ARE you single? *puzzled look* Definitly droping Mom a line and try and provide some love/support.

Kindest Regards,
Devin Sullivan

Kid Sis said...

Hey, I like your picture of the hat on the train tracks. Very David Lynchish.

Truth be told, I'm probably single because I really like being single. It would take a pretty great package to make me give all that freedom up. But it's still hard not to believe in romantic mysticism.

Kid Sis said...

Devin, what a nice post to mom. You rock!

I really appreciate your kindness (and to everyone else who has posted today, THANK YOU!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Actually the hat is a favoite piece of someone elses art. I absolutely love that you picked up on why it would be my favoite without even knowing it.
Yea, being single is pretty damn pimp, besides, this way you can save yourself to date hot celeberties while your polishing scripts and yelling at Keanu Reeves to actually act for a change instead of just reading his lines as himself ;-)
Thank you, try to rock at least one a day ;-)

Kid Sis said...

heh heh heh...well, that was at least twice :)

Red Hat Penguin said...

Arg, I just got a blogger account so I don't have to fuss with that anonymous thing. Much better.

Bloggin? Naw, I'm just posting,
Devin Sullivan Marsh