Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Going Home

Mom and I go home tomorrow. Looking forward to my bed and seeing our animals. It's been fun seeing some people in our hometown, though I'm so miserably sick I've had to stay away from all but the hardy.

Had fun with my 17 year old nieces yesterday, just hanging out playing video games and watching TV. They got me through my first full CSI episode (which I liked, much to my surprise). It reminded me of Nancy Drew for adults. I used to be addicted to those books, so I may have to catch up with CSI reruns to recapture that old spirit.

Then I watched American Idol with Big Bro and Sis in Law. Wow, the idols were all pretty crummy this week. Must be a flu going around the household. And the serial killer is still on! Wish you could vote people OFF, instead of voting for your favorite.

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Lynne said...

I'm laughing so hard at your American Idol reference, because I'm pretty sure you were referring to Constantine?? (the serial killer?) If so, he got booted tonight, and that stupid Paula was bawling and slobbering! No kidding, she had tears streaming down her cheeks and was sobbiing.

My daughter couldn't stand him...said he looked like a child molester.

I agree, we should be able to vote off the bad ones.

Brent said...

*Text about personal thoughts on American Idol and what it represents in modern popular music deleted due to profanity*

Lol. Dang censors.

Well, good luck on your trip home.CSI's a decent show, but I much prefer Law & Order. There's something about the legal process that intrigues me. Not to mention, in my opinion, the lack of special effects forces the writers/actors to focus more on story, characters, and the acting. That's just my opinion, though. Feel free to crucify/burn/disagree with me.

Little warning sign, though: They're making a sequel to the "House of the Dead" movie. Yes, that terrible wannabe action/thriller/sample of fecal matter diluted with water and vinegar before being shipped to theaters. They're making a sequel. Here's my question: If you jump off a bridge, break your legs, and go to the hospital, is it wise to do the same thing again in the hopes that your legs WON'T get broken this time?

Here's an idea for American Idol: Offstage there is a giant axe. At whim, Simon can pull a small lever at his desk and have the axe instantly behead whomever he wants. Now that's something I'd watch.

Just to tell ya, though, that paragraph above that was deleted, I mentioned that American Idol is representative of several of the reasons that I don't listen to modern music.

For now, I'll stick to European music, Japanese music, and OLD rock music.


(No offense intended toward anyone whatsoever. My adderall's wearing off, and it's hard to control what I say/don't say at this point.)

Anonymous said...

The serial killer HAS to be Scott Savol (or, as my bf calls him, "the fat guy"). Am I right?

I just finished reading your brother's comic... amazing. Please thank him for that for me. My best wishes to your mother.

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Kid Sis said...

Yeah, it's SS who I fear is the SK. Especially after last night's multiple references to how "normal and Average" he is. If his parents had added "quiet" I would have called John Walsh myself.

So...Anonymous 9:16 PM wins the No-Prize! :) Thanks for reading the comic, and I'll pass on the thanks. Mom says thanks for the well-wishes! (We're sitting in the motel room watching "South Park").

Funnigirl, I'm a little freaked out to realize that I thought Constantine was the cute one, and you and your daughter sense child molester vibe. Soooo typical of my lack of taste in men. Except for Seth McFarlane, natch.

Yeah, I saw that Paula debacle tonight. I don't get it. She seemed appropriate and together first season, and at this point I feel like the American Public is culpable for whatever happens to her if we don't stage some kind of intervention!

Red Hat Penguin said...

Oh! CSI, good stuff! Extremely hard to stop watching when I do get to see one, but I have no sense of time and a distinct lack of short term memory so I never can rember to proactively watch it. Actually, it saves me alot of time, because I never watch TV because of that. I agree about the nancy drew refrence, it totaly has that kind of sprit, only grown up.

... *blinks several times* Your mom watches South Park with you? I seriously hate you. That, is unbelieveably cool. You guys are the bomb.
Have a safe trip home!

Witty comment here,
Devin Marsh

Louie said...

I've seen a little bit of American Idol this season, only because it's on the TV screens where I work out. It may actually the ideal way to watch it -- no sound, just close-captioning! Yes, SS/SK is right on track. I also saw a blogger somewhere who kept referring to Constantine as "Smeagol", which I think is hilarious.

Louie said...

P.S. I just noticed that you added a link to my blog. You are awesome, thank you! I plan to reciprocate the favor ASAP.

Lynne said...

Actually, Sis, my daughter is the one that thought Constantine was the child molester, I thought he was interesting...and Scott scares me, too.

I am usually good with sizing people up, but I've been taken advantage of a time or two or three.

Due to Jill's insistence Const is a wierdo, I became unsure.

As for Paula, I think an intervention is in order. Good idea.