Friday, April 15, 2005


474 of you? You're so quiet and considerate, I hardly noticed. God bless cheesy counters that tell a blogger what's really going on!

I feel all breathless and queasy, like I'm 14 trying to call a boy on the phone. What do I do? Should I try to tap dance for you like Natalie Portman? I can't tap dance. I can break a board with my elbows and scream like Bruce Lee. Wanna see that?

I don't know if I deserve all this attention, but thanks for looking. Come on in, and I hope you find something entertaining. Might have to dig down through a few months of posts.

Okay, I just caught my breath and know what I should be saying. Anyone looking to hire a writer? I'm cheap and love most TV shows...I don't eat a lot, have cute puppy dog eyes, and I'll be real quiet and sleep in the corner curled up with the other screenwriters. I'm also almost housebroken! Just don't get me wet or feed me after midnight.


Red Hat Penguin said...

"I can break a board with my elbows and scream like Bruce Lee"
:-O Woo! I'm excited at least.
474 people or hits? 474 is alot of people, but not alot of hits.

Kid Sis said...

Right, right, right. Good point.

Um, so...491 visitors, 788 page views today. I still don't get the page view thingie. I think it's how many people clicked on something archived? Cuz otherwise you can read quite a few entries just by scrolling, so that's still one page.

Effing A, no matter what it's a huge change.

Okay, gotta stop posting now so people don't figure out I'm home on a Friday night watching TiVod Battlestar Galactica. Such a geek.

Red Hat Penguin said...

In a DAY? That is an absolute ton! My art page only has like 3k views, TOTAL! Thats months! Way to go, your a celebrity!

Yea, it probably is when they click in on somthing.

TiVoed(spelling?) battlestar... whoa, it just gets better and better with you doesn't it ;-)

Louie said...

The large number of page views today might be the result of Penny Arcade, which posted a link to today. That's how I got here, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Nice job, kid sis. I'm enjoying the energy in your blog postings. And of course I hope your brother does well with the Eisners...


Chris Clarke said...

How about a compromise? Try breaking a board with your elbows and screaming like Natalie Portman.

Kid Sis said...

RHP :) Man, we could duel to the death if there was a "prolific" gladiator contest! Thanks for your fun comments. It's been a rough week, and you're consistantly cheering me up.

Louie, I left you some comments at your site. Funny stuff. I really appreciate the link to Mom's Cancer! Thanks for the Penny Arcade heads up.

Sis-in-law, glad you're here! Sorry about the crassness, but you know me. Fingers crossed for Eisners, but I'm really just pleased as punched he's nominated. That can never be taken away; he's in the history books! And we're going to have so much Fies Fun in San Diego!

Craig, you are amazing. Thanks for the beautiful site and decades of important work. It's a joy to read a wordsmith. I appreciated your Andrea Dworkin essay and wow, a link to feministe from a self-proclaimed former womanizer? You're an intensely interesting person with so much insight. Can't think of another i word, so picture Natalie Portman...


zwallyzool said...

Just wanted to stop by and say, hi. I came by via penny-arcade to your brother's site to here.