Monday, April 25, 2005


I just had my 5,000th lookie-loo on this site. Not unique visits, but 5,000 total pages viewed. Very cool.

My new cyberfriend Buster (my taxi driver/local tv commercial producer from this morning) wrote in to say he checked out the site, and to remind me that the director/producer we spoke of is Amin Q. Chaudry (Tiger Warsaw) . Anyway, pretty interesting story about Chaudry setting up some kind of local school system for filmmakers in Ohio. Might be worth some of you aspiring types to research.

Looks like I'm going to hang out with my seventeen year old nieces after school tomorrow, which I'm totally looking forward to. They're cool chicks.

Tonight our friend LUKAS BEHNKEN will be on Everwood!! He plays Topher Cole, a very nervous, quirky sixteen year old Junior in high school who finally gets the nerve to ask out Hannah (Sarah Drew). Lukas has been a great help to us, and we wish him well in his acting career. He will also appear as Topher on May 9, 16, 23rd. Fingers crossed for next season!


Red Hat Penguin said...

Wow, I wish I was more able to comment. My head hurts alot lately, and my eyes are stingy. I also can't sleep (can you tell? 3 am posting?) so I thought I would surf the web, only to find out, that it doesnt mesh well with the headaches. All I really caught was somthing about being addicted to blogger, yea, you post alot, so much I cant keep up! I have a feeling it has somthing to do with being board and away from home? :-P

Good luck to your actor friend! I'll read all this (and probably understand it) sometime when my eyes and brain are working in harmony.


Kid Sis said...

That's cool. I was doped up on cough syrup when I wrote it. You're right, I'm writing a lot because I'm bored.

Red Hat Penguin said...

I was doped up on asprin and lack of sleep. ;-) Post all you want if it aleviates your boredom :-D Other acceptable ways would include letting me buy you coffee somtime if your in the Michigan area :-D Also browsing DeviantArt. Speaking of my DA page, there should be a gallery link, thats what you want, in there should be all my photoraphy (there are multiple pages). I hate how confusing that site is.

Lynne said...

Hey Kid

I posted