Monday, April 25, 2005

Double Dare

Just finished watching Chocolate again, and got the phone call from Mom. All's clear healthwise. The swelling has continued to go down in her brain, and the doctors are optimistically hopeful that she will regain the ability to move her right leg eventually!

In honor of our favorite tenacious woman, thought I would give you a scoop about two other powerful femmes. Here's a review that didn't make it on to Ain't it Cool last weekend:

Mrs. Mia Wallace here with a heads up about a great movie in limited release this week in LA, and throughout April in May in other select cities.

It's a documentary called "Double Dare", a behind the scenes look at stuntwomen Zoe Bell and Jeannie Epper. Both legends in their own right, these women are responsible for making our onscreen heroines Wonder Woman, Xena, and The Bride kick ass.

Behind the scenes, these two ladies kick ass in Hollywood in a male dominated field. They're utterly charming, disarming, and wild. Zoe is a glittering star in her own right (the guys at the Q & A at last year's Sonoma Valley Film Festival fell in love with her in person and onscreen). And Quentin Tarantino is such a fan of Jeannie and her legendary family of stuntpeople, he cast her in "Kill Bill" as the chaplin's wife. Why someone isn't making a sitcom starring the odd couple buddy team of Jeannie and Zoe is beyond me.

So check out the movie; it's got laughs, excitement, behind the scenes looks at your favorite stunts, a beautiful babe, a history lesson, and some great interviews with people like Tarantino and Spielberg talking about the Eppers. I was completely entertained.

Check the official website for special one week screenings/Q & A's with Amanda and the stars around the USA.

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