Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hometown Follow Up

I told Robert, the stellar Hertz employee who came through for Mom and me, to check the blog because I'd written about his amazing, valiant service under "Suckfest '05" comments. Robert was all alone at a busy Hertz office, and still managed to get Mom and me a pick up and great car in time to make her medical appointment (actually the exact same situation Enterprise bungled and then yelled at me about the day before). Since Robert couldn't find the comment, thought I'd give him a shout out here where he won't miss it. Hertz and Assistant Manager Robert, thanks for the first-rate service! You saved our bacon!

And no, still haven't had my emails returned from much you want to bet they charged Mom's credit card for the car they promised and rudely didn't deliver? I still can't believe how mean their representative was on the phone to me. Yikes.

Hertz: the official choice of Mom and Kid Sis.

So I got the x-ray results from my internist, and it appears I have bronchitis, not walking pneumonia. I have no idea what the difference is. All I know is I'm burning up with fever, my whole body feels made of snot, and for some reason I want to run around flailing my arms screaming "Whaaaaah!!!!" Don't know why that sounds so good. Maybe it's the short attention span.

Calliope, my kitty, is sedated and sleeping in the bathroom right now because of her projectile nose bleeds. I'm going to wake her up in a few minutes and take her to my room so we can fall asleep feeling crappy together. Waiting on a test result to see if she possibly has some kind of fungal thing caused by bird poop that takes six months to heal/clot, instead of nose cancer. Fingers crossed.

Again, "Whaaaaah!!!!!!"

If I could feel, it would be good to feel home.

Courtesy of cyberfriend Louie's site, check out Darth Vader's Blog.

Endless fun here at the Name Generator. Let me know some of your results! And I want to hear how you'd autograph your book to a fan!


Andrew Ironwood said...

Superhero Name - Brickwire

Acronym - Logical Description Host

Hindu Name - Waram Jitdip

U.S. Name Generator - Danny Sullivan

African Name - Kwennoir

Pagan Name - Bard Ahern Rayne

Ninja Name - Kyuzo Hiroshi-san

Indian Name - Francis Campy Conifer

( do realize this sort of thing is like *crack* for some of us, don't you?...)

Kid Sis said...

Oh, totally. I'm a pusher!

Ok, I think my favorites are Brickwire and Francis Campy Conifer. Considering a legal name change?

Kid Sis said...

Hobbit name: Peony Loamsdown

Randon name: Ashlee Poynor

Fairy name: Moth Willowwitch She is a caster of weird dreams
She lives close to crystal caverns and stalagtite grottos
She is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking

Farrakhan name: Shaleesa

Pokéname: Charcow
Profile You live in the prairies of your mom's house, and your diet consists mostly of twigs, daisies and lattés. Characteristics
You can eat electricity. You can shoot sand. You can shoot slime. You can eat acid. You can breathe jet fuel. You can shoot Dr. Pepper. You can shoot nunchucks.

Reggae name: Bushdakta Levi

Ninja name: Akira Makabe -san

Evangilist name: Doctor Bo "Bob" Miracle

Hindu name: Gurnav Meendip

Ohhh....that's enough for now. By the way, I don't advocate giving these sites pertinent info like your mother's maiden name or your birthday.

Red Hat Penguin said...

*Peter Griffin voice* Hehe, you said crack. Man, I wish I could shoot nunchucks!

I would never trust a rent-a-car company named after a spaceship! I only trust the one named after... wait, what the hell does the word Hertz mean anyways?

99 obscurity points name: Robert Kujat.

I hope you and your kitty feel better :-( I'll steal some chicken noodle soup off napster and email it to you two. ;-)

Love, Luck, and Lollypops,
Devin Sullivan Marsh