Monday, April 18, 2005

Aint it Cool

Hey, go check out my movie review. It's great to be a spy again.

Mrs. Mia Wallace

Not sure what happened there for a while, because my last six reviews were rejected, even a different one I sent in on Friday. I think sometimes they conflicted with the exclusive Q & As other spy regulars had, but then some of them I couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong with them. Anyway, it's nice to get flamed on the AICN boards again. The editors like my writing and the talkbackers always hate it.

Actually, to give you fanboys a tip on how to impress a woman, Moriarty (Drew) gave me my alltime favorite compliment. He wrote I was "spectacularly cute" on the site. I wish I was mature enough to place any compliments about my intellect first, but I'm a girl and that statement touched me. It's sweet, and about attractiveness without being salacious. Every grrrl needs reassurance. So, remember that line, boys. Just don't go using it in some cheesy bar or you'll ruin the effect. Save it for your girlfriends or big crushes.

Update on the Monologue Slam: Christina Wickers and I went and rocked them. We had a great time, didn't win, but definitely figured out the game. The top four monologues WERE all memorized and performed with great gusto, and were comedies. So we didn't really stand a chance, reading my dramatic pieces. But on the plus side, we had free fun, figured out what it takes to win and realized it's not worth going back to win, and got some attention for my writing.

The first one minute monologue was cut short by the judge, just as Christina was finishing the last sentence. The audience actually took a collective breath and then complained about not getting to hear the end. Christina said "Isn't that just like a woman to be late." She's so rocking, she had them eating out of the palms of her hand. I'm actually glad she was late, it gave me more information as the writer.

One of the judges, a producer from Disney, came up to us during the break and told me he'd gone to school with Christopher Durang and that I reminded him of the Master!!!! Okay, actually, that's a really great compliment, too. But it will only work in Hollywood bars on educated actresses. He and another hotshot told me I should be a novelist. Okay. Any publishers looking for an edgy novelist?

I was pretty disappointed at who won and who made it into the final round. I was really rooting for this amazing Swedish woman who wrote like Maya Angelou, and another European woman who was a lesbian, and just bared her soul onstage. But they both read their words instead of performing them in that terrible overacting style of most monologues. It says so much to me that they didn't make the cut, because if it's truly a writing contest, they were the writers there. We felt really bad we didn't get a chance to tell them how much we loved their work, because they looked new to Hollywood and those events can be discouraging. Considering it was an ALAP event, there just wasn't mingling among the members or any vibe of support. Christina and I were actually laughing at how competitive it was considering the title didn't really matter. If we could come together and support each other instead of competing, we might be able to get something done in this town.

Oh, and the best news is they're publishing the monologues in a compilation book, so I'll have another nice credit there. Yeah!


Kid Sis said...


See, I knew better than to get used to that flurry of viewing/commenting activity when the Eisners were announced. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

And I hope you all got to check out Charles Yoakum's site, because he's very talented.

Red Hat Penguin said...

I haven't gone away! I just haven't been able to post in forever. For some reason Blogger kept giving me server errors whenever I tryed to view comments. It finaly magicly fixed itself.

Sounds like you two really got some free fun! I live in the middle of nowhere(Think Siberia, only with more trees and less interesting people) to bad there isn't anything fun like that around here. Um, those are two really good complements. I don't have a clue about the second one (I'm hoping I shouldn't feel stupid because of this, as I'm not a exceedingly intellegent actress in Hollywood bar),as for spectacularly cute I can attest to the truthfulness in which he spoke his words. Another credit under your belt sounds great, at least you didn't walk away from there with nothing (beyond all that take only pictures and memories bull ;-))

So have you got a chance to check out my gallery yet? DeviantArt can be confusing to navigate, so if you decide to perouse around and can't figure it drop me an email! By the by, drop me one anyways with that monolog if you don't mind and aren't poping it up on here!

Love, Luck, and Lollypops,
Devin Marsh

Louie said...

I enjoyed the AICN review -- gave me a pretty clear picture of what kind of movie it is, and that's the primary goal I suppose. BTW, you neglected to mention Gavin Rossdale's dual claims to fame: Mr. Gwen Stefani and leader of the '90s grunge-ster band Bush. Will movie reviewers be rushing to toss in some "bush league" quips?

P.S. Google "spectacularly cute", go to page 2, lookie there!

Red Hat Penguin said...

LMAO! Thats totaly awsome! I hope she gets to see it before google bumps it back another page or somthing. :-D Oh my, I just looked at the clock for whatever reason. It's allmost 2 am... I have to wake up at 5 am... somthing tells me I'm about to have a bad day at work. :-|

Kid Sis said...

Okay, I'm still laughing. Oh my God, wait, I'm still laughing. Too hard to type. You guys are awesome.

I kinda thought Drew made up those words; I'd never heard them strung together before. But hey, now you can google me and find me near a spectacularly cute Golden
Lion Tamarin!

Tears of joy coming out of my eyes. Makes me think of that Flash Gordon scene...what is that? Water?

LeMorse said...

I don't know why you would think you were anything but amazingly beautiful.

Kid Sis said...

Yikes!, I'm a hard one to make speechless. Thanks. I don't know, girls were pretty mean to me in junior high, especially when I was a cheerleader. Think that feeling of being an outsider never quite goes away.

Devin, I'm embarrassed to say your site is waaay beyond me. Would love some navigation tips!

LeMorse said...

I know ho wyou feel. The whole outsider thing stays with you a very long time. It is still with me and I am about to go to my Ten Year Class Reunion (glutton for punishment maybe)

Christina said...

Hey Kid Sis:
You were a cheerleader and an outsider. How does that work?

Glad to have found your blog. Talk about entertaining.

The Monologue Slam was lots of fun. But there weren't any good looking guys to look at. We were so pretty in pink. Bummmer....

Kid Sis said...

Hey Girlie,

See, you have the blog thingie down! I'm just dumb for not looking back at this post for your comment.

Yeah, there really weren't any guys our age or younger. Weird. I expected there to be more men than women, just cuz of the normal writer ratio in this town. Oh, the only let 5% of the women in the WGA, but it's really 60/40 in real life? Gotcha.

I'm shocked Shauna never told you the story about how we became tight in 9th grade. We were the only two on our cheerleading squad of like 14 girls who would talk to each other. We never won the Spirit Squad Stick at cheerleading camp because the other teams saw me and Shauna eating alone at a big table everyday. Insert sad orchestral music here.

Anyway, I'm going to write a screenplay about it and crucify them all. Why do the dumb cute girls always eff with the smart ones that get revenge later in life? Shauna certainly has, Miss Bigtime Producer.