Thursday, April 21, 2005


Man, I had a whole 'nother post erased AGAIN. And it was a long one. About a great class last night, and a crappy neurologist appointment today, all sorts of personal stuff about my head injury...guess you're not supposed to know.

My friend bought my Star Wars ticket for me today. I know it's going to suck, but I'm still going at midnight. I'm such a sucker. At least I don't support the Lucas toy empire anymore.

Oh, one other curious thing to relate: ran into my neighborhood convenience store for litter for Pissy today and saw a prostitute come in with this gross guy in a Mercedes. Classic. She was all decked out and fake happy, asking if she could drive his car. He asked if she was old enough, could he see her license, which he then read out loud. She grabbed it back from him all playful "Stop! Don't read my name outloud!" Insert giggle. Then she walked down my aisle and I looked her in the eye, and her eyes were DEAD. Man, like a vampire. Wow. Not that the guy had any better energy. Can't even imagine what fun they were on their way to not have.

If I feel up to it later, I'll tell you how I avoided being assaulted in Inglewood today by two guys on crack.

I'll leave you with these nuggets from my friend Michael, who found 'em on the Onion.

New chatroom shorthand:


(Christ I'm fat)


(Not to bring up Star Wars again, but...)


Brent said...

Wow. Post erasure. Sounds like the time I tried writing up a paper for class and the computer reset on me. I thought autosave would have preserved my paper. But, apparently, I had made another document before it that I neglected to close out. So, instead of my paper on the problems facing the JKD community, I had the names of particular gemstones that Brett had asked for me to write down last week. He needed them for some game called "Shinegami Tensei Nocturne". I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention. lol.

Well, I certainly hope this third star wars prequel(or is it prequal? Damn my fatigue-induced spelling habits) doesn't suck. Reading the book has given me some hope. It only mentions Midi-chlorians once, and I would consider that to be a vast improvement. Frankly they sound more like some sort of advanced pool-maintenance material (get it? chlorine? midi-chlorians? *hyuk hyuk). Oh, well. lol. Okay.. back on topic... ah. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the palpatine/sidious lightsaber fights. It'll serve to provide some backstory and reason to fear/hate him, which would make his death in episode VI much more pleasing. Also, it would explain why Kenobi and Yoda would fear such a decrepit old man. I mean, come on- Darth Vader had a limp and one hand, yet he killed palpatine by throwing him into some sort of tunnel that lead to some sort of energy source (I don't think it was the core of the Death Star. The proportions would be off for that. I'm guessing some sort of sub-reactor or something). If that was all it took, then why fear him so much?

If I gave away part of the movie, then I'm sorry. I've already read the novel (which was just slightly above the "decent" level. It was a good story, but the writer would sometimes get so into the descriptions of what was happening and why that he would forget to focus on the core subject matter, especially when it came to the lightsaber fights).

/sumup C:/My Documents/Brentsthoughts/grassskirtkaula/Revenge of the Sith

Here's the summation of my intellectual processes- Considering the improvements made between Episode I and Episode II, it's reasonable to assume that a smilar number of improvements may be made between Episode II and Episode III. In addition, the proximity of the events occuring in Episode III to the original Star Wars leaves less room for adjusting the story, and in turn leaves less room for additions such as "Jar Jar Binks" and "Midi-chlorians". My assumption would be that this film will be "good", if not "great", and will be well-worth the ticket purchase.

*small bow* (wow... I did that without having to re-gather my thoughts. yay!)

As far as the prostitute, here's what I would have done:
("Brent" walks up to "Prostitute 1")
Brent: *looks at "Gross Guy in Mercedes 1", looks at "Prostitute 1"* How much is that guy paying ya?
Prostitute 1: About (Insert dollar amount). Why?
Brent: *Hands "X" number of dollar bills to Prostitute 1* I'll pay you double that to take this potted plant, throw it at him, then walk away. *hands Prostitute 1 a potted plant from a nearby shelf or in a shopping basket*

hehehe... or something along those lines. Now that'd be funny.

Prostitutes and guys on crack... sounds like an exciting lifestyle. lol. My uncle had a problem with drug-addicts robbing his home for a while. Here's a little tip he learned- Anything below a .42 calibur will just make them mad. Trust me. And a little tip from a ninja friend of mine (I mean it. He really practices Ninjitsu) the most effective place to kick or hit someone is directly above or below the kneecap. It hurts like a mother and may impair their ability to walk. This is more effective than a swift kick to the groin because it lasts longer, and some people are able to take a blow there (I've creeped out quite a few people with that trick. hehe. :))

One of these days... ONE of these days, I'm going to take a brilliant work of literature in old english and translate it entirely into chatroom shorthand. Then I'm going to take another, different piece of writing written in chatroom shorthand and translate it entirely into old english. Then I'll compare which one's harder. lol

Continuing from the last post- I don't like or dislike courtney love. I haven't heard enough of her music to make an opinion of it. My listening habits are limited predominantly to German rock music, Nightwish, some retro, Techno remixes of old video game music, Nine Inch Nails and Static X.

The main reason I referred to the argument in that way is that my brother (let's just call him Pheo for now. It's his chatroom handle) doesn't stop whenever he gets started. It's gotten to the point where I've had to threaten "liberal application of an aluminum bat to his cranium" in order for him to stop. lol. I can only hear about how Courtney Love apparently has the LA courts in her pocket so many times. Enough is enough. The man's dead. Time to move on. Now drink the punch.

These random incoherent thoughts are brought to you by pickled dodo eggs. No, that's not strange company name or anything. We literally mean pickled dodo eggs.

Cya tomorrow! *waves*

chad said...

Oh man I cannot wait for episode 3. I am going to see it midnight out in westwood (best crowd ever!)I too have been burned by episode 1 and 2 but come on this one looks darn good and it's pg-13 to boot. Just my two cents.

Brent said...

lol. wow. Chad managed to say it in under a paragraph. Can he teach me to do that? lol.

I can already tell that my favorite scenes will be the palpatine lightsaber battles. I've always wondered what he was really capable of.

Also, the scene with the wookies actually demonstrating their combat abilities may help to get my dad to stop talking about how odd the idea of the wookie is. I mean, come on. Chewbacca was cool!

chad said...

:) Brent it is real easy to keep it under a paragraph when you are at work trying not to get caught blogging ;)

Red Hat Penguin said...

I'm having alot of problems with blogger to. I haven't been able to post for a while again. I post it, and it never shows up.

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

Hi, Kid Sis, me again (and again and again)

I feel your pain, sister, about the erased post. I have lost so many long detailed posts and every time it makes "my hair hurt and my teeth itch" as my brother says.

So I've started writing my blog posts in Notepad and then copying them and pasting them into the Blogspot "new post" page when I'm finished. I can't accidentally "navigate away" from Notepad, and if the post doesn't publish properly I just do it over again. My hair is much less painful and my teeth much less itchier these days. :)


Kid Sis said...

Hey guys, sorry I forgot to post here.

Ronnie Cat, I've started writing in notepad now. Much better. Chad, welcome to the site...please post again! Brent dude, this is a SWROFTH spoiler free zone!

Devin, have you ever tried posting through email? I've still never had that feature work on blogger.