Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I've had some questions about my spywork for AICN. Here's another review you can read.

And here's a scoop I sent in Friday that didn't get published, but might still have some information in it that's interesting to you all. Especially if you're a friend reading this blog who doesn't know what an Eisner award is.

Hi Hercules and Moriarty,

This is Mrs. Mia Wallace reporting in. Sorry it's been a while since my last scoop. These two are for coaxial and comics, so edit away!

Today I caught the Family Guy promotional contest down at the Grove in LA before the big Wiltern Live Shows tonight. Seth McFarlane and Mila Kunis were there for a mini press junket, and to judge a Stewie sound alike contest. Contstants were given a sheet full of infamous Stewie quotes, and could read a few of them or recite their own. KROQ co-sponsored the event, and Lightning hosted. They gave away the new FG books and Vegas Live CDs to trivia winners, and copious shwag to the rest of us.

Out of 25 contestants, there were about eight damn good impressionists, two of whom were women. The best contestants knew show lines by heart and riffed away. The three prizes added up to around $5,000 total. Not bad for a minute of aspiring to world domination. All 25 attempts were taped, presumably for FOX promotions.

The runner up was this little 12 year old boy, who was just hysterical saying Stewie's smartiepants insults. When they picked him, the boy went into this stupor that rivaled Jan Brady's TV taping trance. Biggeset moment of the kid's life. Lightning actually asked him if he'd just smoked a bowl.

While Mila was doing her interviews, she revealed that this season Meg will be dying her hair blonde, going to Hollywood, becoming a Britney Spears wannabe, and becoming a lesbian. Mila seemed charming and intelligent, and kept praising the show for being smart, and an equal-opportunity offender. "Every group gets their chance."

Maybe this is old news to you all, but I thought someone out there might enjoy hearing it.

Other comic happenings:

After much speculation, the Eisner Awards have added a brand new category: Best Digital Comic. It's the dawning of a new era.

There are six online comics competing, and it will be a worthy competition.

Best Digital Comic

Athena Voltaire by Steve Bryant http://www.athenavoltaire.com
Bento & Starchky by zer0 (Peter Branting) http://www.noapologiespress.com/zer0comics/bento.htm
Copper by Kazu http://www.boltcity.com/copper_home.htm
Jonny Crossbones by Les McClaine http://www.evilspacerobot.com/comics/jonnycrossbones/index.htm
Mom's Cancer by Brian Fies http://www.momscancer.com/eisner.htm
Ojingogo by matt forsythe http://www.comingupforair.net/comics/ojingogo.html

One of the nominations went to my brother's comic Mom's Cancer. Brian already has a book deal for the comic, and is really flattered to be going to Comic-con as one of the first of six digital nominees.

I'm sure the other digital nominees would love to see a mention of their work and this momentous changing of the old guard on AICN. It signals the legitimization of a distribution method that any AICN reader can afford. There are so many talented, creative comic fans out there hoping for their shot. Ain't it cool that now they have one.

The 2005 Eisner nominees list still isn't at the Comic-con site yet, but it is available at The Comics Reporter. Can't wait to read what AICN Comics thinks.

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