Saturday, April 16, 2005

Balls to Bones, Part II

Okay, so I'm entering my Uncircumcised Penis Monologue (see my March 10th blog entry) into ALAP's monologue slam today. My gorgeouse actress friend Christina Wickers is doing the performance.

We just cackled on the phone together. I told her I was going to actually put on makeup and dress up for today. Christina said "Go get cute so we can blow their minds...We're totally going to win."

Hehhehee. Being a neo-feminist is so much fun.

I had a dream last night that Seth McFarlane liked me liked me. And I never get to have dreams like that. It must have been seeing him in person yesterday. He's one dreamy, hot piece of smartass. Guess I have to officially withdraw my job application (see below) if I'm going to be crushing on him. Sigh.

I don't know, I had a great Friday the 13th. Thanks everyone!

And since you're all appreciators of sequential art, please send some love to my talented comic-artist friend Charles Yoakum. He's inked Batman, Hellboy, and for Paul Gulacy, among many others, and now has his own digital comic in the works. You can see his amazing stuff at


Red Hat Penguin said...

Oh man, you will have to link that when you get it posted. I think I'll have to pad the floor in preperation for all the laughing on it I'll be doing :-D

OH, now thats some sweet ass comic stuff! Double kudos to your friend!


Red Hat Penguin said...

Oh yea, by the way I've had that dream about Seth McFarlane to. ;-)
That is one hot piece of ass ;-) I mean, granted, in my dream I'm seducing him so I can cut off his hands and try to sew them onto mine in an attempt to become a better writer.. oh, wait no, I think that was something else. :-|

Anyways, the man is great. There is nothing better then to kick back, relax and watch some TiVo'd family guy :-D

Kid Sis said...

Devin, thanks for writing about Mom's Cancer on your site! That was great!

Okay, so do you think this crowd can handle my monologue? I don't want to scare any first-timers off with the word cock...but it is a pretty funny piece!

I'm SOOO glad you went to see Charles' work! Isn't he great??? I own a bunch of his pages from his Dark Knight run with Gulacy. He's a really cool, nice guy, supercool wife and two great little daughters. We used to do some corporate work together just to make ends meet. But I can't wait until he gets a chance at his own comic.

Regarding Seth McFarlane...Stay away from my man!!! LOL. ;-) No seriously, I can't tell you how much Family Guy has helped me out of the doldrums. I really appreciate anyone who can make people laugh. But there's gotta be an easier, cleaner way to get his superpowers away from him. Can't you like, do a mind-meld and then share some of that genius with me?

When I looked at your site again I noticed you dig Fight Club. Me too. What a great movie. First time I saw it, I watched it twice more within 24 hours, the last time forcing Mom to watch it. She actually really liked it, too. Lady's got good taste and is quite the hepcat. My friends love hanging out with her.


Red Hat Penguin said...

Umm, maybe you can soften the word cock down for them somehow? *winces* Err, nevermind ;-)

Charles work is amzing, I can't draw very well so it's one of the things in the world that I'm really in awe of.

Hmm, mind meld. That could be an aplicable non-violent way of copying his geneious. Then we can mindmeld and you can have superpowers to! I'll have to lock Leonard Nemoy in my basement and force him to show me how to mind meld ;-) :-O

Oh yea, Chuck Pullock really wrote an amazing book; and the cinematography and camera work is just so well suited to the feel of the movie. The first time I saw it, I had been on the road for a business trip for the business my family runs. A week and a half in hotels, I don't even remeber what state I was in, but I sat at the end of my hotel bed and ordered it on pay-perview. I was paralysed, fixated, it was a master piece. I went out and bought it as soon as I could. My list of favoite movies is like TEN miles long, I just threw in a few that came to mind there. That reminds me, I need to add "Dr. Strangelove" to that list. Wow, now THAT is a cool mom. Mine hated it, they are very conservative though, so it was a little to much for her.