Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dreaming of Scully

My new script is a "Galaxy Quest" treatment of Gillian Anderson playing Scully, because I think the world is in love with the archetypal figure of Clarice/Scully and desperately needs her. And if you doubt me, check out this AICN column from last week.

Scully's on my brain, and since I make Mom proof read, she's on Mom's brain.

Mom talks in her sleep. I mean, you can interact with her. It's scary.

So imagine 5 minutes ago, Mom snoring logs, then suddenly shouts out "Well, Scully will take care of it! She'll wipe those a**holes out!"

Snoring. A minute later:

"She'll figure out what the f*ck she's supposed to do."

At which point I'm howling. Then Mom says "Are you 100% sure there's not a closet behind that closet, Lis? 'Cause it's going."

Which actually gave me pause. I mean, I don't know...maybe Mom unconscious is seeing aliens or ghosts in our house...what do I know? So I say "Mom, what does Scully see?"

Mom yells "She's just sure there's something up in that attic. She wants to rip into it."

Okay, now I'm a tad freaked. But Mom's still snoring in between each sentence when she adds:

"She wants to go on one of those People Walkers, like in the airport. Sounds cool."

Sounds cool indeed, Mom.

Her last intelligible comment?

"Boy those little cap sleeves do nothing for her. I'll tell you. Man."

That must have been some dream. Just makes me more determined to keep writing my screenplay, even if a lot of people don't get it. Hell, I need Scully in my life.

This will be my last post, because Mom is going to kill me when she wakes up and reads this.


Anonymous said...

It was nice knowin' ya!
Nurse Sis

Brent said...

Hey, "Kid Sis".

I've just finished reading "Mom's Cancer". I wanted to extend my congratulations to your mother for beating the odds against her cancer, as certain other members of my family failed to do. I know it may be late, but I practically live in a cave (well, not entirely a cave. I'm an anti-social 18 year old who leaves to go to the gym, classes, and the occaisonal movie with a very exclusive group of friends. In addition to that, I was homeschooled for my high-school years and was socially inept prior to that. Why I'm saying this, I don't know. It may have something to do with me explaining why my comment is late... where am I? *thinks* *snaps fingers*
okay! Again, congratulations to your mother. She's an inspiration to me, and I wish her health and luck in the years to come.

I know my comment is rather late, but I only just heard of "Mom's Cancer" through a link in another comic's news posting. I mean it when I say she's inspiring. Most of the people I know would have probably given up at some point during the chemo, or just decided not to try altogether. To keep going and survive shows an inner strength that I wish I had even a small portion of.

And about your mother killing you for reading that post, just say that it's some classmate or professor you nicknamed "mom" because she had a habit of nagging her friends about the risks of certain recreational activities they were egaging in. That'll buy you some extra time to compose a more effective cover-story. It always works with my mother.

Also, would you mind letting me read some of your script projects? I could be an unofficial test-reader of sorts. lol. Well, anyway, it's just a silly request. My qualifications are: Effective isolation from popular society (thank god!), being raised on Science fiction and anime (as well as their printed counterparts, science-fiction novels and manga), among other things that I may mention later if the need arises, as I think this comment is becoming too long as it is.

Thanks for reading my horribly worded comment. I ask that you take pity on me, as it is approx. 5:00 am, I haven't slept (thank god for adderall), and I've been killing myself about a paper on the conflict between Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Jeet Kune Do Concepts (another of my interests- martial arts).

Anyway, Cya later


Andrew Ironwood said...

If not the world, then certainly a reasonable portion of it loves and needs Scully -- press on, McDuff (Yes, I know I just mangled Willie the Shakes...)

Kid Sis said...

Brent, Nurse Sis and I are sitting here giggling at your post. Great sense of humor.

Don't be so anti-social, the world needs you out there! Thanks for the "Mom-alias" strategy. The tip will be employed immediately.

Of course, if you don't here back from me, it didn't work. Thanks for writing!