Friday, April 15, 2005


It didn't come across right in my quickly dashed previous blog, but the outline experience Wednesday night was brutal from the class, not entirely the Professor (hey, he's earned and prefers professor). Dave, I'm sure you're covering your butt again just reading this given your section last week :) "Merciless shredding" of your pitch? Ouch.

The funny thing is, I was thinking of someone else in the class when I wrote my Whoo-hoo blog, but my Professor read it and wrote me a nice comment which made me realize it sounded like it was all about him. Even funnier, Blogger gave me an error message that initially said the offending Whoo-hoo blog hadn't been published, just like 5 of my other blogs in the last two weeks. But I didn't rewrite it again, cuz it was sort of like writing a mad letter and having the internet burn it for me. Imagine my shock to come home from a bar tonight and find a note on my website from my Professor about what I thought was my deleted griping. Even funniest, I never told him I had a blog.

Some points worth clarifying to you all:

My professor does like a comic (Stray Bullets), but possibly doesn't get people who go to Comic-con like myself (MY interpretation, not a direct quote). And two of his favorite movies are sci-fi (Alien and Gattaca, great choices IMHO). And I still like him and think he's smart, even if he's never seen X-Files, therefore not grocking the premise of my screenplay.

And I did come out alive, if limping, from the classroom experience. And didn't cry, or scream, or call anyone a dummy. And managed to eventually get across what I was trying to express without losing my vision. And already integrated the constructive suggestions into my screenplay today. All huge positives that Nurse Sis was just encouraging me to write about. A bit of writerly growth for me, really.

And I still can't sit down from the anal fissure one fellow classmate gave me during the critique. Ouch. Felt like innapropiate retaliation, but maybe it's just the cat's style. There were other rippages felt from him around the room when we moved on to other people's pages. Drugstore sold out of butt doughnuts the next day.

I really wish I'd picked one of my ten other script ideas for this quarter because I want to get the most valuable feedback and have my sensei like what I wrote.

Oh yeah. And the big secret is...



I'm now an Eisner-nominated cartoon character.

Why am I single? You fanboys better watch out come July.

Seriously, first the Oscars and now the Eisners. I'm a lucky, lucky fangrrrl.

I even sprung for five days at the goood hotel in San Diego. See y'all in July! :) the way...The drunkenly rambling comment back to my professor is not worth reading for anybody else, possibly even him. My verbosity is probably why I'm single. (can't blame my mom or this crowd will stone me).

Sensei, I publicly promise not to send you any poems or cause you to need security posted outside the classroom.


Anonymous said...

Know what I'm thinking?

"I hope you know this will down on your permanent record...

(oh yeah?)

Well you can all just..."

Anonymous said...



Kid Sis said...

Sweet!!!! I AM a violent femme.

No, not literally, Nobody needs to be scared. Just, you know, in punk attitude.

NN, you've so re-earned the monkiker J$. Give yourself a break :) And again, congratulations. Watch your snail mailbox, something come your way soon :)

Dave said...

Covering my butt? Nah, I'm letting my butt hang out like always. In fact, I'm a little envious -- no professors ever drop by MY blog to set me straight. Just what does a guy have to do to get some attention?

Kid Sis said...

Dave, that's F**ked up. You're sooo cool. I have to go pee now.

Kid Sis said...

I'm still sitting here crying/laughing.

When are we going to meet and have a beer?