Saturday, April 16, 2005


Mom's Cancer's secret-website-for-Eisner-judging has around 20,000 hits?

I have to go wipe up my spit-take.


Darrell said...

I was directed to the comic through Tycho at Penny Arcade. You can probably thank them for the 20,000 hits. Luckily the site didn't get wanged. They also have some interesting things to say about the Eisners. Awesome comic by the way, I'll be crossing my fingers for your brother.

Kid Sis said...

Thanks so much, Darrell! I'll pass it along!

Yeah, I actually agree with some of the points on Penny Arcade. But, you know, baby steps. First the establishment has to acknowledge you exist.

Makes me think of Halle and Denzel winning two Oscars and it being news that Black Actors Win Oscars! And then a scant few years later, Morgan Freeman wins and race was never mentioned. How awesome is that? He was just another actor, as it should be.