Saturday, April 16, 2005

570 Unique Visitors

My mind is officially blown. In one day, I've received 1/3 of the visitors I've had in the last two months. And many of you stuck around to read a total of 898 pages!

I'm going to bed now. You awesome fanboys/nightowls, please enjoy prowling.

Oh, and an addendum to my previous job application: I would also love to be a writer's assistant, or assistant to a writer's assistant, or assistant lackey/dog poo picker-upper to a writer's assistant's writer's assistant, especially to some super genius like Seth McFarlane, Drew Goddard, Jane Espenson, David Kelley.

Thank you and good night.

And if you're an AICN reader...



Red Hat Penguin said...

Second Post! Damn, considering how long it took me. It isn't as exciting :-(

[twisti] said...

Ah, not all of us are nightowls, some of us are just foreign ;)

Greetings from the land of the beer!

Kid Sis said...

Fourth Post!!!!!

Actually, that is kinda fun. I guess I see why they do it.

So Twisti, good to have ya here. What happened to your blog? How am I going to figure out who you are, like my Michigan bud Devin (Mr. Red Hat Penguin)?

This is some test isn't. Land of the beer...well, you're not in my kitchen, so...Germany????! I'm mostly German-American!