Thursday, April 21, 2005 Rules

Shout out to Jeff Oliver, the lead network administrator for!

Jeff found Mom's Cancer through Penny-Arcade's Eisner article. Then he tracked down Mom, Brian, and my email addresses to let us know he's already upgraded our counters and other great bravenet features, all gratis because he wants people to be able to read the comic ad-free!

Jeff, thanks for taking action, and supporting Mom's Cancer. I'm sorry your family has been touched by cancer, but glad you were touched by my family. Thanks for impacting our lives, too.


Anonymous said...

Just took the personality disorder test...found out I am, "A Bit AntiSocial". :)
Go Figure!
Nurse Sis

Red Hat Penguin said...

I wouldn't worry, it seems pretty incurate. ;-) After all, you are posing on a blog, which is a rather social thing to be doing, for an anti-social girl like yourself. :-D

Love,Luck, and lollypops,

ronnie said...

Sis, that is incredibly cool about Bravenet... but as a Bravenet member for about four years now, I can't say I am too surprised, as their support of their members is just outstanding. They seem to have a real commitment to the web community. Glad, but not too surprised to find out they'd do something this wonderful.


Kid Sis said...

Nurse Sis! Antisocial? Clearly they haven't seen your cell phone bill!!!!!! Wrong, wrong wrong. Thanks for writing!

Devin, I never asked how you came up with your moniker...and I still haven't! No seriously, what's RHP?

Ronnie, I *hear* great things about your surgery! Congratulations!!!! We're so happy for you!!!!