Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The local LA news just interviewed the cranial facial specialist on duty in Dallas when JFK was wheeled in. Poor guy.

The big conclusion to this "story"?

Picture a plastic-surgeried generic anorexic "hot" newswoman with voice dripping with false concern/sincerity:

"Doctors say even with today's medical advances, President Kennedy would not have been able to survive his wounds."

Well. No.

Not unless not having a head becomes a scientific reality.

Seriously, this dribble is our news? I mean, come on. Compared to Europe, we're spoonfed news for citizens without fucking heads.

My god. Christ on a crutch. "Doctors say..."

Ohhhhhh that's it. I'm going to bed, gas or no gas. I feel too angry to be awake. "Doctors say."

Saw the man's head blown off what, 42 times in Stone's JFK? "...would not have been able to survive his wounds." Well, praise Allah for that. JFK living without a head.

Wonder if Matt and Trey just heard that. Built in sequel to their famous episode "Britney's New Look".

Dammit I'm mad. Don't you get how patronized we are? Don't you feel steamed?

They think we're idiots. We're getting the news we deserve.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

The TV news is usually six months or so behind in current med-tech anyway.

The government feels that people are too panicky to handle the truth. Sadly that's true, but by denying them the truth, they will never learn not to panick. "Trust us," says the government officials, "we know what's good for you." And for those of you who believe that, I've got a bridge in NY to sell you.

Finally, you can tell they really fill the TV with crap news. Here we often hear about multiple car pile-ups halfway across the country (on the local news). Considering that on any given day, there's more happening locally than can fit in a news hour, I can only assume that they are only carrying this because of network affiliation. Then again, the major newspaper here endorsed Barack Obama. What ever happened to the concept of unbiased news?