Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Technorama 617 Monstro Sensor, 28K resolution, 1-25 fps, $55,000

Great. Now MY brain has exploded.

I knew I should have gone to bed.

Yet and still, as crazy as it is to think YOU TOO CAN MAKE IMAX MOVIES, Jonas does a great job nailing why Red's Redmas announcement is a huge disappointment to the prosumer market.

And yeah boys, seriously. Whose computer can handle your specs? That's a serious investment to add on to "affordable" cameras. In this apocalyptic market.

Todd, want to weigh in after paying a gazillion for your (now outdated) pro editing suite?


Hugo Fuchs said...

None of the cameras were designed for the home-consumer. Red One is editable on a mac. I suspect that basic editing for Epic could also be done. It makes a lower-res coded "film" for you to edit, then matches your edits to the raw without having to edit at 28k. Of course if you can afford to make IMAX, then you probably have an IBM blade-server and hefty video suite to play with. Digital houses for effects can easily work with this once the codec is available for their editing suite. And the 8 processors on a chip with built in DMA is right around the corner, so it will soon be editable on a home computer (given you can afford a top-of-the-line machine) with a high-end video card.

RED ONE Frame Rates for 2k (16mm)and 4k(35mm) Wide

2K 16:9 100 fps
4K 16:9 25 fps/30 fps

If you want to keep up with Red try:

Some youtube videos:

Steven Soderbergh on RED ONE.
2k 120fps footage
More RED ONE on Youtube

BTW, Jim Jannard's approach is probably the biggest threat to the big studios, it puts these cameras in the affordable range for Independant Film-makers. If I got one, I'd probably go for the prime lens set and the camera setup. Just rent whatever other lenses needed on a "as needed" basis.

Kid Sis said...
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Kid Sis said...

Oh believe me, I know all about Red. Back in the day I'd put down my deposit and had my number in line.

No, the whole point of Scarlet was to be a competitively priced prosumer camera, and they've missed the mark.

Hugo Fuchs said...

While Scarlet is more than the basic HD prosumer, it is a good price for the 2k market. RED knows that there are plenty of competitors for the HD market, so they play to their strengths and go above that. You also have to remember that they are in business, if a market already has significant saturation, then it is difficult to break into initially. Considering how young this company is, he may do prosumer later, but for now, it is not cost efficient to go up against the marketing machines of sony, panasonic, and cannon. Also their prosumers have much more finite lifetimes, so in the long run are probably about as expensive.