Friday, November 14, 2008


Interesting show today on California's effing Prop 8 debacle. But her producers assembled the weirdest live panel ever...Oprah, Gail, and Mark Consuelos? I don't understand.

And...kind of a weird choice given she supposedly hates the rumors about her and Gail. I don't know, is it like a meta thing of, see, I'm straight and so comfortable with supporting gay civil rights that I'm saying I'm okay with the gay rumors while doing something to add fuel to the fire? Or is it a meta meta thing, like, I'm in the closet and so comfortable with supporting gay rights that I'm going to wink to my peeps that I'm gay, but not as bold and trailblazing as Melissa Etheridge.

I'm too confused for a Friday afternoon. Somebody's producers should've not won or not lost that decision.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

I don't know what happened on Oprah, I was busy elsewhere, though I did wander by a TV and heard that her puppy died. That's sad. :(