Thursday, November 20, 2008

Faulty Thesis

Hmmmm. More good news/bad news.

Good news. There are just as many handsome men interested in me in LA as there were in Italy. They just all hang out in Silverlake listening to eclectic live music.

Bad news. My thesis is totally wrong, therefore my studying/thoughts/conclusions/decisions are wrong.

The only constant here is me.

I've changed. Somehow. Some weird shift.

It's the only possible scientific explanation. It's not my weight or hair or my presentation. No.

I've changed, and multiple men can tell.

What is different about me? It must be an attitude, a belief-system, an energy...


Is it...newfound confidence?

From seducing gobsmacked, grateful, underaged Roman God specimens? In under five seconds each? The spectacular, finally guilt-and-emotion-free-yet-still-intimate sex?

Have I turned into Angelina Jolie?

No. The waitress still called me sweetie and honey. Women don't do that to female predators. They bitchslap them down. So I'm not overly threatening or sexual. Just entirely approachable, watchable, desirable to a dozen men suddenly...?

Oh god, is it just that I never noticed before but the right ones were always there, interested? And now when I look around the room they meet my gaze instead of pretending to stare about a foot above my head, or quickly looking away?

Maybe I've not been in the right venues before, with people of my value system and interests. Picking the wrong public places where I could meet someone. And these guys are looking to meet a quality girlfriend so they don't look away?

But then what about the sudden influx on the dating sites, too? No. It must be my energy. My belief in scarcity and The One being shot to shit.

I will know. I will know the answer.

And then I will tell you. So you can be happy, too.

And then I will build the most awesome loving partnership on this screwy planet of ours. And brag waaaay too much about the great daily sex we have and how I get to give him hour-long blog jobs all the time and how he gets to hold my hand and kiss me whenever and wherever he wants and use my arm as a pillow when we sleep.


shrinking indigo said...

I can't wait to hear you brag. :)

Kid Sis said...

Awwww, honey I've missed you! It's wonderful to hear your voice! Luv to u.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

there simply are times in your life when you go from being a dead fish to being a hot commodity and there is not a single good reason why. you're still the same, but somehow the world has changed on its axis and you've been thrown onto earth-L where bruce wayne has his parents shot and was inspired by a bunny, or a demented young gay man was disfigured by chemicals and glanced at a playing card causing him to adopt the persona of The Queen.

Earth-L: for Earth Lis.

Hour long? you'll get stiff neck girl.

Kid Sis said...

I want to always live on Earth-L.

Nah, he just lies on his cramps or stiff neck, all fun times.

could you pass the peace please said...

something happened over here too... there was a major universal shift... more details???

Kid Sis said...

hahaha you go first!

Hey, are you still coming home for Thanksgiving? I'm home right now, going back to LA tomorrow. Thinking about you two!

could you pass the peace please said...

I just went from no male attention what-so-ever!!! to suddenly there are men everywhere who want to hang out and handing over cards along with their repeated pleas that I call them "You are so beautiful, so incredible, intelligent, interesting, fascinating, amazing...." it's sort of funny! More details later...

Hugo Fuchs said...

Your attitude has altered. Vacations, amongst other things, will do that. The better part of being attractive is attitude.

As for the men, with the economic slow-down, there are more that aren't out working all the time, so there's bound to be a larger available pool.