Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pumpkin recipe to make your stomach growl

Personally I can't watch any cooking shows or IRON CHEF-type things because it drives me insane not to get to eat the food after watching them make it.

But I was watching ABC News and they had this amazing-looking sidedish that I thought some of you might want to make. For me. On Thursday. *cough* Michael. Because I KNOW you have a spare three hours to make me happy.

Gruyere cheese, bacon, sourdough bread, pumpkin seeds and pecans...YUMMY.


Hugo Fuchs said...

I prefer Pumpkin Bread.

That's a pretty good squash caserole though ... you did know that there's countries that call pumpkins "squash", right?

Then there's pumpkin soup.


Raquel said...

Well, any recipe that calls for "1 pound Gruyere cheese" is gonna be yum, even if you're just melting it onto some cardboard...