Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's Good/That's Bad: The Food Edition

Good: Delicous French bean soup at Pitfire Pizza with the awesomeness that is go-gettress Cindy Baer.

Bad: Up all night with the most FOUL GAS.


Are my bean-eating days over? Am I destined to plan meals around Bean-o?

Or become the kind of blog that updates you constantly on the State of My Bowels? (Ahem, Dooce, I'm farting in your general direction...)

What?? Oh eyes are tearing up and it's not the blue cloud around me...Seriously? Kevin Bacon is FIFTY? I'm OLLLLLLLLD...

Oh well. At least us oldsters still look pretty good, even if our insides are rotting.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

It also might be a side-effect of your digestive system still modified by european food. They don't use the same processes in their food chain.

It might be a build up of 'bad' bacteria in your system. Try eating some yogurt with active cultures for a week or so. That will tend to displace the 'bad' bacteria with good bacteria.

Yes, it could be a metabolic change from aging, but I tend to rule out other things first.

I can eat my home-made chili with beans, but Hormel chili gives me terrible gas. It's something in their formulae, not in my digestive track (which is why I know longer eat Hormel chili).