Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creative types: Video Head or Music Freak?

So I'm a Video Head, as Charles Yoakum explains beautifully in this post. I always work on the computer with the TV/rented DVDs on in the background. It functions as white noise and makes me MORE productive. It helps me to keep track of the hours, remember to pee, not feel as alone. And occasionally I glance up and catch a great idea for my own projects or writing.

Charles is a Music Freak. He draws and does his computer work while listening to music. I find that impossible. Something about music overinvolves me, and it never fades in importance level to the work I'm doing.

Which are you?


kristen said...

Video... I'm like you, music is too engrossing. I did all my homework in high school in front of the TV, and I still like to read in front of the TV, which drives my boyfriend nuts. He thinks it's disrespectful of the television.

Andrew Ironwood said...

I'm in the familiar-to-me position of being neither-fish-nor-fowl in this regard:

Unlike my wife (who is the more classic 'video head' between the two of us), I can't work well with or 'tune out' any TV programming with any kind of storyline to it that I can (at least *attempt* to) follow -- if I need the white noise, though, I can usually work with ESPN (esp. if it's a sport I don't much like or can't understand -- like, say, *cricket*, fer instance) or most foreign language material (assuming I'm out of subtitle-reading range -- tho' if I listen to much more Univision, I'm half-afraid my high-school Spanish is going to come flooding back into my brain and force out more pertinent information, like what to do with pocket Aces when the flop is suited [grin]...).

If I use background *music*, on the other hand, it almost has to be something I'm *very* [almost over-]familiar with (like, say, Bob Segar's Greatest Hits or such), or else my inner music theorist will take me over and start analyzing the root progressions of the latest Bright Eyes single and constructing a compare-and-contrast with standard Elizabethan-era madrigal writing (or other such craziness, of course, of course [grin]...)

inkdestroyedmybrush said...


Brea said...

total music head. i can't do anything without music playing - feels to quiet.

Hugo Fuchs said...

That makes me a Music Freak. Specifically, anything without lyrics; from Electronica to Classical. Otherwise I get distracted by the dialog or lyrics.